3 Reasons Why Companies NEED Employees On Social Media

3 Reasons Why Companies NEED Employees On Social Media

Social media is taking over. We’re all on it. We’re all using it. We get our news from it. We share our thoughts on it. We have to power to reach out to almost anyone we want to on it. With such a wide reach of engagement, social media is an incredibly powerful tool. As an employer, are you using it to your best advantage? Related:3 Tips For Reducing Turnover At Your Company According to LinkedIn Editor, Dan Roth, employers can dramatically increase their Talent Brand reach by encouraging employees to share company content on social media. I know what you’re thinking: We can’t control what our employees say about us online, what if they badmouth the company? What if it hurts our brand? What if our talent gets stolen? Fair concern. But here’s the thing: Taking charge and leading your employees in their social media efforts can help you feel more in control and confident about what your employees are sharing. (Don’t believe me? Read this post by LinkedIn’s Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition, Brendan Browne) Here are three compelling reasons why your company NEED employees on social media:

1. It can help you weed out disengaged employees.

When you encourage your company to engage on social media, you’ll quickly (and clearly) see which employees are sharing company stories with their social following, and which ones aren’t. “It could be a red flag that they are potentially unhappy in their job,” wrote LinkedIn Influencer J.T. O’Donnell. “Which means, it’s a chance for you and your management team to find out why.”

2. It can improve your employee referral program.

People are always more motivated to do something when there is an incentive. Reward the employees who passionately promote and brag about company to their friends by making it easier for them to get referral credit. “One way to make it work better is to give employees a way to share referral links and get credit for promoting your company on their social channels,” said O’Donnell.

3. It will remind employees why you’re a good employer.

Having access to great stories about your Talent Brand not only gives employees a reason to brag, but it also reminds them what makes their company such a great place to work. That means, this strategy not only attracts new talent to your company, but it also helps retain the talent you already have - Sounds like a win-win to me! Want to learn more about how you can improve your company’s recruitment and retention strategy? Check out our FREE ebook on Inbound Recruiting here.

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