3 Companies That Are Funnier Than You Think

3 Companies That Are Funnier Than You Think

For many companies, it’s important to maintain a professional, trustworthy, no-nonsense brand. When you think of law firms, business networking, or software development, you can understand why. Related:5 Companies That Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle But does having a “serious” external brand mean you need to have a serious internal culture? Not necessarily! Who says a “serious” brand can’t have a little fun at the office? Well, we did some digging, and we found some “serious” companies that love to have fun at work. Here are some companies that are funnier than you think:

1. Home Depot

When you think of Home Depot, you might think of tools, lawn care, and other things that trigger a Tim Allen grunt. It’s the store for the do-it-yourselfers, contract workers, and crafters. On the outside, it’s tough, but when you take a peek into its culture, you’ll quickly discover that the home improvement store is, ahem, a whole new world... Check out this hilarious Home Depot/Disney parody that was created by some Home Depot employees! According to Jordan Sovis, one of the Home Depot employees featured in the parody, the video was made as part of the "Home Depot Search for a Star" contest. In this contest, Home Depot selects a few of the most talented associates to send to Las Vegas to perform for their annual store managers meeting along with week packed full of mentoring with professionals though Hartmann Studios (a leading production company that works on events such as the super bowl halftime show). How cool is that?


If you want to look sharp at work, smart in an interview, or sexy on a date, LOFT is THE place to go, but what can we say about its company culture? This women’s clothing store is trendy on the outside and a ton of fun on the inside! As you can see from its whimsical Vine feed, it’s clear that the employees have a few laughs at work (and we can’t get enough!). #LoveLOFT

3. LinkedIn

For many people, business networking is about a sterile corporate office and being prim and proper. So, when you think of LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking service, you might not associate it with a humorous company culture. While the company works hard to maintain a more serious external brand, it works equally as hard to make the company a fun place for its employees to work. Well, lucky for its employees, the company loves to have some office fun once and a while. In the past few years, it’s become a tradition for LinkedIn interns to flash mob the company all-hands meeting. How fun is that? (The company also tried their hand at the Harlem Shake!) Does your company encourage its employees to have a laugh in the workplace? Tweet me @AriellaCoombs and let me know!

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