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Is it possible to conduct a “secret” job search at work? If so, how? Today, career experts J.T. O’Donnell and Dale Dauten answer the following question from a reader... Dear J.T. and Dale, I am looking for a new job. The good news is a lot of recruiters are calling me. The bad news is they are always trying to reach me during the day. I work in an open office where people can see my computer. I try sending messages on my phone, but then I look like I’m slacking off all day. How do you manage a job search in secret? - Nolan So, is it okay to job search at work? Can you fly under the radar? Yes, but you've got to be careful. Here are some things to keep in mind...

Don’t Use Your Work Computer (Or Email)

Yes, you can look for work without getting caught by your boss. However, you want to be VERY careful. The first thing to you need to understand is that you NEVER want to use your office computer when you’re trying to find a new job -- not even your work email. “Companies are monitoring these things and if they find out you’ve been using any of that, especially during office time, to look for a new job, you can be fired,” said O’Donnell. “So, please be careful with respect to that.”

Realize That Recruiters Understand

According to O’Donnell, recruiters LOVE to hire people who are working, and they understand that you’re not as flexible with your schedule as other candidates. So, be upfront with them, make them aware of your restrictions, and find a workaround.

Don’t Quit Your Job.

As mentioned, recruiters love working with candidates who are already employed. So, that automatically gives you a leg up in the process. If you’re unemployed, it can actually make it harder to find work because employers might question the reason behind your lack of employment. This can result in a prolonged job search. It also increases the chance of you “settling” for a job because you need an income. “Most people think, ‘I’m going to quit my job and I’m going to do a real, full-time job search,’” said Dauten. “But it really costs you.” If you're trying to job search at work, do it carefully and strategically. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Want to ask J.T. & Dale a question? Email your question to advice@jtanddale.com.

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