5 Reasons It’s Easier To Find A Job When You Already Have One

Man looks for a job while employed

You may have heard people say to you, “It’s always easier to get a job when you are already employed.” But have you ever asked why this is?

There’s absolutely no evidence to prove that anyone going for a job, who is already in full-time employment, stands any better chance of being offered a position than someone who is currently out of work. So, if we are to believe this is just the way the system works, then it could be worth looking at what the reasons might be.

Here are some possible explanations as to why those in work are deemed as more employable than those who aren’t.

1. It’s Easier To Avoid Tricky Interview Questions

Having to explain why you left your last job or why you were told to leave your last job is never easy, but it’s still something potential employers love to ask you about. If you are employed, then your options are much greater in terms of what you can say in an interview. You could say, “I’m looking for a new challenge” or “My current job just doesn’t offer me the challenges I want.” So, you can take your pick of reasons for wanting to find a new employer if you’re already on the payroll. If you're not absolutely sure how to explain why you quit your job (or why you're not currently employed), that could cause problems for you in the job interview.

2. You Make More Contacts

Woman looks for a job while employed


You can’t underestimate the power of good networking, and there is more chance of you networking when you are working and not sitting at home. The people you work with could mention companies looking to hire people, or you may meet someone that has just left a firm—meaning a new vacancy has been created. Also, when you're employed, you're better able to add value to your professional network on LinkedIn by posting content about what you're currently working on in your job, proving to your connections you're a valuable person in your industry. If you’re unhappy at work and looking for a new job, keep your ear to the ground and prioritize online networking!

3. You Have More Time

Man looks for a job at home


Regardless of how much you hate your current job, the fact that you are working and still earning means you have the time to look elsewhere. You know the rent will be paid at the end of the month. So, use your time constructively.

4. You Have Greater Self-Confidence

Woman interviews for a new job


Confidence is everything when looking for a job. If you are already in full-time employment, it’s a pretty good bet that you’ll exude more self-confidence than someone who isn’t. This might not be a conscious act, but the fact that the “pressure is off” might have something to do with it. However, don’t be cocky, because there is nothing more off-putting to an employer than arrogance—no matter confident you may be.

5. You Have Relevant Experience

Job candidate shakes hands with the hiring manager before a job interview


The fact that you have been chosen by your current employer suggests that you have enough relevant experience to hold down your position, right? This is experience that other candidates you are up against may not have (assuming you are going for a job in a similar field). So, it’s well worth highlighting any strengths that you have when going for a new job and mentioning all the experience you have gained in your present role when starting your new job search. Quantify your work experience on your resume and use the "Experience + Learn = Grow" model to answer behavioral interview questions in your next interview to stand out from the competition!

If you're thinking about quitting your current job before looking for a new one, think again. The above reasons are why it's easier to find a job when you already have one. Staying employed (if you can help it) is the best way to ensure you have a quick, easy, and successful job search.

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