Employment Branding

Employment Branding
We have many of the common questions we've been asked listed below as part of the Employment Branding FAQ. If your question(s) isn't listed below, ask us about it!

Q: What is Employment Branding?

A: Employment Branding illustrates the experience of being employed by a company. This is accomplished through the use of storytelling and promotion to showcase a company’s unique culture and characteristics. A strong Employment Brand helps a company attract the top talent. Companies with strong Employment Brands are able to entice both passive and active job seekers to work for them.

Q: How does Employment Branding work?

A: The short answer: By creating and enhancing your company's employment brand through media coverage, press releases, blog posts and social media updates, you can show any job seeker what life is like as an employee of your company. By opening the door to your company’s culture, you will attract interested, qualified candidates to your open positions. The long answer is to check out our Employment Branding Course.

Q: Why should my company use Employment Branding?

A: A well-executed Employment Branding campaign can entice job seekers to work for your company instead of a competitor. You can attract better quality applicants to your openings, and fill positions faster. Employment Branding also helps to retain your existing talent, engage customers, and save your company’s time and resources.

Q: How much does Employment Branding cost?

A: We can provide customized Employment Branding campaigns as needed.

Q: What are some good examples of Employment Branding?

A: Any company that you'd like to work for has at least one successful Employment Branding story to tell. Some great examples of companies that utilize Employment Branding: Fusion Worldwide The GrommetGEICO Employment Branding stories can highlight the experience of one specific position, or showcase qualities of the entire company that apply to any job within.

Q: How do I know what to write a story about?

A: Every company has a story to tell. From the largest companies to the smallest, there is something that makes your company’s brand unique. This is what potential employees want to know about! There are five types of Culture Connection stories that our research and experience tells us job seekers want to know. Any business can showcase these!

Q: Why should CAREEREALISM help with my Employment Branding efforts?

A: We have significant expertise in the working world from both the HR and job seeker perspectives, so we know what it really takes to connect job seekers with the right companies. We are leading the charge to be the job board alternative, and to offer the most disruptive recruitment technique in the last twenty years. CAREEREALISM makes Employment Branding accessible and simplifies the process for your company so that any size business can benefit from our products.

Q: What are the benefits of having my Employment Branding story on CAREEREALISM.com?

A: When your story is published on CAREEREALISM.com, your company benefits from promotion on our site with 2.25 million monthly pageviews, 105K+ daily email subscribers, and to CAREEREALISM’s social media following of more than 150K+. In addition, your stories are promoted to CEO and LinkedIn Influencer J.T. O’Donnell’s more than 866K+ followers. It’s great to have something compelling to showcase about your company; it’s even better when a credible third-party source shares the stories you want your audience to hear. The links to your stories on CAREEREALISM.com can be shared directly with potential candidates, on your social platforms, and on professional platforms like LinkedIn or Glassdoor.

Q: How will I get approval from my executives or compliance department?

A: Unlike traditional media or press coverage, Employment Branding with CAREEREALISM gives you total control over the message. We understand that there are often many steps to gain internal sign-off, so we ensure that no story is ever published without your explicit consent. Because Employment Branding stories are sponsored content, you control the backlinks and can request revisions at any point in the process, even after a post has been published. If you have any additional questions or would like to learn about Employment Branding for your company, drop us an email: employmentbranding@workitdaily.com

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