3 Entry-Level Job Seeking Mistakes To Avoid

A young job seeker smiles during a job interview.

Are you an entry-level job seeker looking to get out there and find your first position? Making your first attempt marks the beginning of quite an adventure as you look to meet your goal of entering the workforce.

As a newbie, it is easy to make a few mistakes here and there that could slow your ability to find work.

So, to get a successful start, here are some entry-level job-seeking mistakes to avoid:

Relying Too Much On The Internet

A young job seeker uses the Internet to view the current job openings.


Many people conduct their job search on the internet, and that's perfectly fine!

Many employers post job availability on their websites, social media accounts, or on job boards like Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn. Additionally, many employers ask candidates to submit their cover letters and resumes online.

However, the internet will only get you so far and the most successful job seekers conduct a balanced job search that includes building your personal brand and networking.

Applying to every job that you find online is not a recipe for success. Use the internet as a resource, but don't build your entire job search strategy around searching online.

Failing To Create A Targeted Resume and Cover Letter

Resumes should be targeted towards the specific industry and company that you're applying to.


Another mistake many entry-level job seekers make is reusing the same resume and cover letter (with only minor changes) every time they apply for a job.

Every job opportunity is unique and deserves its own targeted resume and disruptive cover letter.

Every resume should be tailored towards the job you're applying to and include skills and accomplishments that are most relevant to the job posting, while a disruptive cover letter is a job seeker's chance to elaborate on why they're motivated to join the company and how they feel connected to the company's culture and mission.

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Forgetting To Prepare For The Job Interview

This nervous job seeker was caught slightly unprepared during his job interview.


It's a common mistake of entry-level job seekers to develop a nonchalant attitude toward interviews. If you've never been on one, it's hard to know what to expect, of course. And while it's true that you shouldn't bite all of your fingernails off before your first interview, you do want to take it seriously, as it's usually what will make or break your chances of being hired. So, how can you prepare?

A good way is to find a list of commonly asked interview questions online, then set up a mock interview where a friend pretends to be the employer and asks you those questions. This gives you a chance to come up with great answers that you can be proud of in your interview.

Conducting a successful job search takes practice. And, as you know, practice makes perfect. So, if you keep your overall career goals in mind while working out the nuances listed above, your practice could land you the perfect job of your dreams.

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