Escape Your Dead-End Job In 3 Steps

“That’s it! I need to get the ____ out of here… right now.” “Okay, wait… calm down… just another month or two and I’ll be able to move onto something better…” Related: Why This Shockingly Simple ‘90% Rule’ Is The Secret To Getting Your Dream Job Ever had a version of this conversation in your head? One side screaming at you to figure something out because you can’t take it anymore… And the other, more practical side, telling you to wait and stick it out? I’ve know I’ve been there before, and it’s not a fun place to be. You feel like you were meant for so much more, yet, you also have practical responsibilities and may need this job right now. So, how do you know when it’s time to make your move? And how can you guarantee yourself that your next job is better? Well, in this article, I’m going to give you some practical steps and a couple of guides and resources to help you along the way during this incredibly tough transition period. First things first. You need to know...

How To Read The Signs & Accept The Ugly Truth...

Here’s the truth: Pain and suffering exists so that we can rise above it. It’s a challenge to make us grow, and become the best possible version of ourselves. So, if you’re feeling pain in your career right now, then your first step is to acknowledge and accept it. Accept that you’re being taught a lesson by life right now, and life is telling you to start making a change right now. So just pause. Take a breath. Notice the stress, fear, and pain. And accept that it’s there because it’s your body giving you a sign that you’re out of alignment. You’re not growing, and that’s okay right now. Because being aware of the issue and accepting that life is teaching you a lesson is the first step towards creating what you really want in your career. Maybe the lesson is that you’re settling for less than you’re capable of and you’re bored to tears as a result of it. Maybe it’s some fear of taking on a bigger challenge and failing. It could be any number of things - but the point is that instead of going back and forth in your head… Your thought instead becomes: “I’m going to leave this job for something infinitely better soon. What’s the best way to make that happen as soon as possible?” Doesn’t that thought make you feel better about your situation, and get you started on creating a solution?

Escape Your Dead-End Job In 3 Steps

Congratulations. By accepting the truth and deciding that you’re going to get something better, you’ve conquered the hardest part. Now, you just need to decide what to do. Here’s how:

Step 1: Start Seeking Inspiration

First of all, start looking, and keep working at your current job. It’s much easier to find a new, better job when you’re already employed. You want to get a job you LOVE, so we teach people to start with getting as clear as possible on what that looks like. Rather than searching for your job title in any normal job search engine, a better place to start looking is a database of the world’s top inspiring, purpose-driven companies (which are renowned for empowering and engaging their employees).

Step 2: Make An Impression

Next, get your resume cleaned up and your interview skills polished. Consider doing something unique and creative with your application to get their attention (beyond the boring, traditional resume). There are plenty of free or low-cost tools available today that can help you stand out right from the start... In fact, there are “7 Online Tools That Trump Your Traditional Resume” right here.

Step 3: Lock Something Down & Move On With Grace

Once you find a job you’re going to love and get their attention, make sure you lock it down and accept an offer… and then move on from your current job with grace. You never know what the future will hold, and it doesn’t serve anyone to burn bridges. Take the high road, and move on to your new dream job. For more ways to get the attention of the most inspiring companies out there, check out a free video sharing how I got my dream job years ago, plus three more powerful and modern job seeking tips.

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