6 Essential Apps Working Professionals Should Know About

6 Essential Apps Working Professionals Should Know About

We all spend too much time on our phones and computers. It's pretty much an avoidable fact, especially in a world so connected by technology.

A lot of that computer and phone time is connected to the workplace. So, if we're going to be reliant on technology, we might as well take advantage of it.

Mobile applications, AKA apps, are all the rage. Some are fun, some are convenient, and some make for excellent resources. Here are some basic apps that working professionals may find useful.

G Suite (Google)


With more and more offices using Google Drives it makes sense to have this app. With G Suite, as long as the account is linked to an email, you can have access to important documents and spreadsheets on multiple computers, phones, and tablets.

Why is this important? Because it's a mobile world, and we're not always working from our offices. In fact, many offices now allow you to work from home at times. In addition, you never know when you'll need to access an important document or work on something remotely. Having everything stored on one computer at one location is just no longer viable.

G Suite also has a calendar to track meetings or other important events that fill up your schedule.

For those who don't utilize G Suite, Dropbox is a similar app that also allows you to store files on multiple devices.

A potential downside of apps like this is that it makes it easier to take work home and you may find yourself working while off the clock. You just have to be mindful.

The good news is apps like this aren't just meant for work. They also come in handy for storing pictures and other documents that you may need.

Pandora (or other music apps)


Music at at work? Heck yes! Pandora is a solid app to have on your phone if you need a quick music fix.

We're not saying to blare the music on the stereo and hold an office dance party (even if it would be really awesome). But there are times where having some music at your finger tips does come in handy. Chances are you get a few breaks during the workday and need a musical boost to get yourself back in gear,

In addition, you may have a job that doesn't mind if you listen to music as long as you have headphones on. Like coffee, sometimes music is just something that you need to get through a tough part of the day.



Trello is an app that really comes in handy when you work in an office where you have multiple projects going on with different co-workers. The platform allows co-workers to know what each other is working on and where the project is in the production process.

Each project is its own board and team members can communicate with each other and give feedback within that board. In addition, it's also a good place to put down ideas for future projects and discuss them. Like most mobile apps, Trello can be accessed from anywhere, so co-workers that are miles apart can remain in the loop.



Do you ever just have a random thought that you want to record or get the best idea at the least ideal time?

Evernote is a great application for basic note taking. You can store all types of notes, to-do lists, and checklists on the app. The app also stores images and audio files.

For some, Evernote kind of acts as a bridge between work and professional life. Not every idea or list is meant for work, but the ones that are can later be transferred to a more suitable location. You also may not want to fill your calendar up with random reminders and would rather store stuff like that on a platform like Evernote. Sometimes, it's nice to have a place where you can store a little bit of everything and decide what to do with it later.



Some would argue that good grammar has become a casualty of the emergence of social media and mobile apps.

Grammarly to the rescue!

This online grammar and spell checking application will help to ensure that your documents, spreadsheets, emails, and even social media posts are grammatically correct. Considering how fast-paced the work world has become, it doesn't hurt to have the extra grammatical help.

Misspellings on work documents or office correspondence are especially embarrassing.



Do you owe a co-worker money for lunch or entry into the office football pool?

Paying a co-worker back, or anyone for that matter, can be a hassle sometimes. You don't always have the exact change on you and many people have started to not carry any cash at all.

This is where Venmo comes in handy. This online app can attach to a bank account and transfer money to anyone who has the same app. This app has become very popular and is a good way to pay a co-worker back quickly and avoid potential office drama.

This is only a fraction of the apps available that can make both your professional and personal life easier. Starting with these basics will get you off on the right foot but new and innovative apps are always being created. Be sure to do some additional research to find apps that work for you.

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