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About The Book

Professional development is a particularly tough issue when it comes to women, as often times they are not in touch with their own career aspirations. Because women are frequently socialized to please someone else, it’s harder for them to figure out what satisfies them the most when it comes to their work. How can you focus on your professional development when you’re not even sure you are in the right career path? The best way to feel engaged with your career is by owning it and setting up a path that works for you. That’s what success is about: The journey, the pathway that is most satisfying for you. Award-winning, best-selling author and one of the most visible thought leaders on issues of success, leadership development, and woman empowerment, Mariela Dabbah guides you through a personal exploration to unleash your “inner red shoes” (your passion, your knowledge, your interests) and then shares insightful strategies to help you fulfill the new goals you set for yourself. From using the power of language to design your future to negotiation techniques, tightening your brand, managing up, and diversifying your network, the book intertwines the voices of successful professional women across industries.

About The Author

A force to be reckoned with when it comes to leveraging the playing field for women and diverse employees at the corporate level, award-winning author, founder of The Red Shoe Movement and Latinos in College, Mariela Dabbah is one of the most sought-after and respected thought leaders in the country. A best seller on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Nielsen, her award-winning books include Find Your Inner Red Shoes, The Latino Advantage in the Workplace, Latinos in College: Your Guide to Success, and any others. In 2013, she received the Women and Society Award by LULAC and Cervantes Institute for her work helping in the advancement of the Hispanic community.

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