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Being first counts, even when you apply for a job! The fact is there are more job candidates than job openings to go around. Related: 7 Tips For Updating Your Resume As You Go Once an employer pulls in enough job candidates for interview, the door pretty much gets shut on others who apply later. On the slim chance that the first round of interviewees fail to meet the employers need, then the door reopens – but why not improve your chances by applying earlier! Staying on top of the latest job openings is not hard. Here are a few tips:

Job Boards

Most job boards offer notification tools like an email notice as soon as a job posting that matches your search criteria comes up. Some websites even offer text message alerts.

Social Media

Job postings aren’t limited to job boards. Many employers also utilize social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to post job openings. If you’re following the employer, you’ll get notified in your feed.

Direct Contact

If there’s an employer you really want to work with, don’t wait for a job posting. Make direct contact with the HR manager or head of the specific department expressing your interest. Initiating contact may in fact open up opportunities. Some employers also offer alerts of job openings directly through their website, so also check there to get set up.

Your Network

Oftentimes, employers advertise job openings to employees before making it public. If you’re fortunate to have a contact at an employer you want to work for, or know of someone who may know someone else who can help, ask your connection about any new job openings they may know of or if they can introduce you to the appropriate contact. Job searching and the hiring process are both time consuming. Increase every chance you have by applying early. You’ll be a step closer, at least at getting your foot in the door for an interview.

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