How To Increase Your Chances Of Landing A Job Offer

Man accepts a job offer during an interview

As an experienced job seeker, you have to demonstrate how what you do contributes to the top/bottom line of the company—either directly or indirectly. If you want to land a job offer, there are specific things you should be doing in the interview process that will impress the hiring manager and make you stand out from the competition.

To increase your chances of landing the interview and then a job offer, make sure you can demonstrate how you've...

Made Or Saved Money

Woman accepts a job offer during an interview


If you work in sales, tell them how you've increased revenue. Give them examples of deals you've closed or new customers you've acquired. If you've done something to increase margins, optimized resource utilization, or saved costs, tell them about those accomplishments, too.

Important Note: With this point, and all the following points, make sure you quantify any work experience that demonstrates how you're the most qualified for the job, and proves your value as a potential employee. Do this on your resume and in the job interview by providing examples with numbers to back them up.

Streamlined/Improved Processes

Man waits to hear if he got a job offer or not


Have you improved the forecasting process? Automated the process of signing up new clients? Made a boss or co-worker's job easier by streamlining one of their responsibilities?

If you've made your prior organizations more efficient and effective, make sure you have these examples ready before an interview.

Influenced Other People

Hiring manager offers the job to a job candidate


Do people want to work with you/for you? If you're easy to work with, can work effectively with other departments, and people want to work for you, this will increase your chances of getting the job.

Make sure you have STAR examples prepared of how you've influenced others or managed successful teams when asked about this subject or when answering other behavioral interview questions.

Contributed To Culture

Job seeker accepts a job offer during an interview


If you've come up with some new initiatives, created a mentoring program, and so on, prepare some examples.

Companies hire for three things: personality, aptitude, and experience. How you fit into the company culture is a huge factor in their decision whether to offer you the job or not. By explaining how you've contributed to the company culture at other organizations, an employer will have an easier time understanding the type of employee you are and how you might positively impact the culture at their company.

Mitigated Risk

Hiring manager offers the job to a female job candidate


Especially in more senior roles and other leadership roles, if you've had the foresight to prevent something bad from happening to the company, employers will be impressed with such ability.

Mitigating risk, in the eyes of the hiring manager, translates into saving time and money—two things every employer wants to see in their employees. It also shows the employer that you're someone who pays attention to details and can plan ahead. Who wouldn't want to hire someone like that?

To find job search success, make sure you quantify your work experience and have examples demonstrating these skills ready. Do this and your chances of getting a job offer will skyrocket!

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