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The other day, I was watching one of my favorite shows (Shark Tank) with my lovely wife. Related: Escape Your Dead-End Job In 3 Steps A couple of guys made their pitch to the Sharks (seeking an investment for their business), and then they were asked a question that led to one of them breaking down completely and crying in front of the sharks. The question was simple: “Why did you start your business and why are you here?” It turns out that he started the business because it’s his biggest dream. His passion. The #1 thing he absolutely had to do in life. And he was there, seeking an investment and support from the sharks, so that he could prove to his fiance’s parents that he was good enough for her, and so that she would be able to leave Japan and come marry him in the U.S.A. What a powerful reason for making those career choices, isn’t it!? People do all kinds of crazy things for loved ones… and you know what the billionaire Shark, Mark Cuban, said to this young man? He said that the one common factor between all the people he’s seen succeed is that they have a powerful reason, beyond themselves, for doing what they’re doing. So, if you feel a lack of purpose in your life, if you’re bored at work and only in it for the paycheck and the weekends, then I want to help inspire you to connect with YOUR purpose, and show you how you can start turning your career around today - so that you can love the work you do… Earn the income you deserve… And contribute to something that matters.

How You’ve Been Tricked Into Losing Your Purpose

Here’s what I believe to be the #1 core reason of feeling “lost" - Distraction. We’re distracted by ads telling us what success is (buying expensive things, according to them)… …By TV shows, social media, and texting… And by the stress and demands of daily life (like paying the bills)... So along the way, it’s easy to get lead away from your passions and dreams, and all of sudden that job that “paid the bills for now” turned into a career by accident. It’s not your fault. But it is your life. And if you choose to keep accepting things as they are, then you and your family are the ones who will suffer the most as you become even more distracted, less happy, and less fulfilled with your career. However, it doesn’t have to be that way…

How To Find Your Purpose & Get The Job Of Your Dreams

What most people don’t know is that the only reason they’re out of touch with their purpose and feel lost in life is because they haven’t taken the time to get back in touch with it. All of the answers you need are available to you whenever you choose to seek them. You just need to know how. Here’s a simple 3-step process that I think will work well for you: First, make the decision, now and forever onward to not settle for less than you’re capable of, and push yourself to continually grow. It may take some time to make the changes in your life, but every small step counts. Second, write out this sentence as many times as you need until you feel better, and 100% clear about what you want: I feel ______ because _____. I want ______. Third, take action, and seek inspiration. A great place to start looking is this database of the world’s top inspiring, purpose-driven companies (which are renowned for empowering and engaging their employees). I suggest making a list of 3-5 companies that inspire you and you would LOVE to work with, and then finding a way to get their attention and get the job. It’s far better to put more energy and attention into fewer job applications that you really want than applying to a hundred companies you don’t care about with a generic resume. For more ways to get the attention of the most inspiring companies out there, check out a free video sharing how I got my dream job years ago, plus three more powerful and modern job seeking tips.

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