Quick Breakfast Ideas For Your Workday – To Go!

A quick breakfast idea for the workweek

Did you start your workday right? If you're like most busy professionals, most mornings you're rushing to get out the door, and sitting down to breakfast is the last thing on your mind. The most important meal of the day suddenly takes a backseat to everything else that seems, well, more important. But whether you're a teacher, attorney, or financial advisor, with a little planning you can have a healthy breakfast every morning that doesn't come out of a package.

Overnight Oats

The thought of cold oatmeal might not sound appealing at first, but mixed with yogurt and allowed to sit overnight, the oats get soft and chewy and just plain delicious. Mix a yogurt with ⅓ cup of dry oatmeal and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, add some fruit, and you've got a complete, filling breakfast! Vanilla yogurt with some cinnamon and banana is a great combo, or strawberry yogurt with a spoonful of cocoa powder stirred makes for a great chocolate-y treat!


A scoop of protein powder gives smoothies real staying power. With up to 25 grams of protein in each serving, your smoothie will keep you full all morning long. The night before, just add a scoop of your favorite flavored powder and a cup of milk to your blender. In the morning, add a frozen banana or some berries, and blend 'er up! Pour it into a travel cup, and you're good to go—in under five minutes!

Homemade McMuffin

A much better alternative to fast food, a homemade McMuffin is a great go-to quick and easy breakfasts. It just requires a little night before prep work. Spray a small bowl with nonstick cooking spray and crack an egg or two into it. Scramble 'em up and add some cheese, salt and pepper, and torn spinach leaves. In the morning, put an English muffin into the toaster, and microwave your eggs, covered, for 1.5-2 minutes. Slide the egg patty onto your toasted muffin and top with a slice of tomato.


Sitting down to homemade waffles is practically laughable on a workday. But if you can toast, you can have your waffles and eat them, too! Just take two frozen waffles and toast 'em up. Then, spread peanut butter on one waffle, top with sliced bananas, and pop the other waffle on top. Magic waffle-wich! Better yet, add a sprinkle of chia seeds on top for an extra energy boost- they'll help you stay full longer and give you a healthy dose of omega-3s.

Breakfast Burrito

Wrapped in a tortilla with a little salsa, eggs are just more fun. Scramble two egg whites with ¼ cup of cottage cheese and microwave for two minutes or until cooked. Spread the eggs onto your favorite tortilla, top with salsa, and wrap the whole thing together into a burrito. If you have an extra minute, up the ante with a few slices of fresh avocado for some heart-healthy, flavorful fats.

With just a little planning, any busy professional can have a delicious, healthy breakfast in no time!

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