#1 Secret To More Health, Wealth, Love, And Happiness

#1 Secret To More Health, Wealth, Love, And Happiness

I have a confession for you… Related:Escape Your Dead-End Job In 3 Steps Even though I’m happily married to the woman of my dreams, I have a HUGE “man-crush” (don’t worry - my wife’s okay with it). His name is Tai Lopez, and he spoke at a private event I attended a few months back. His talk was absolutely brilliant, and I was blown away by his wisdom, level of success, and most of all… his humility. See, even though he’s got the 2nd largest book club in the world (behind Oprah Winfrey)... Even though he’s an investor, partner, or advisor to more than 20 multi-million dollar businesses… And even though...

He’s Mastered The Good Life...

Which he defines as having health, wealth, love, and happiness (so much so that he now teaches courses and seminars sharing what he’s learned)... He only takes credit for about 10% of his success. Just 10%! The remaining 90% of his success he credits to five key mentors he’s had throughout his life, his business partners, the thousands of books he’s read, and his personal education from some of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world. See, Tai is a master of learning from other people’s mistakes. This shortens his learning curve, and accelerates his success. And now, you can do the same thing using his “Law of 33%."

The Law Of 33%

This elegantly simple law is all about mentors - which are your greatest shortcut to success - and how you manage your time with them. It’s shared in his TEDX talk, which you can watch in full here: (Pt. 1/4) Tai Lopez & The Law of 33% Tai says that first, you want to spend 33% of your time around people lower than you - meaning people you have more experience than - who you can help along the way. You’re essentially mentoring them, which makes you feel good about yourself and where you are in life. Next, spend 33% of your time with people on your level. These are your friends and peers, and people who you can collaborate with. Finally, you’ll want to spend 33% of your time with people 10-20 years ahead of you… and here’s where things get a little more intense. You want to make sure that you find someone who’s not just a little ahead… but a LOT ahead. Why? Well, according to Tai, you’ll only get about 10% of the results of anyone you choose to model as your mentor. So, if you want to make $1 million dollars/yr, you need to find someone making $10 million dollars/year.

How To Find A Mentor & Live The Good Life

By using Tai’s “Law of 33%," you’ll be starting along the path to living the good life, and bringing more health, wealth, love, and happiness. It’s not easy to find someone extremely successful and have them mentor you. However, there are ways to find these types of people, get their attention, and convince them to mentor you (so that you can shorten your learning curve and accelerate your success too). Tai shares a few invaluable tips on that, as well as “4 Rules of the Good Life” in the rest of his TEDX talk here, which is definitely worth watching. Cheers to the Good Life, Ryan Niessen

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