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Bored of your same old cup of coffee? Well, there's a new coffee craze in town, and we're going to show you how to make it (with a healthy twist!).

The newest coffee trend—if you haven't heard—is whipped coffee. Not only is it a fun spin on your normal morning cup of coffee, but you'll get a good arm workout in, too (if you're using a hand whisk).

Here are instructions for how to make this trendy new coffee drink that'll keep you energized at work!

How To Make Whipped Coffee

Your three main ingredients are equal parts instant coffee, hot water, and sugar. For a healthy twist, we recommend using adaptogen coffee for added stress-relieving benefits, and coconut sugar, which has more fiber than regular sugar.

In a small bowl, whisk these ingredients together until whipped. Then, take a glass and fill it with ice and your choice of milk. Top off the glass with the whipped coffee, and enjoy!

glass of whipped (dalgona) coffee

We hope you give this trendy coffee drink a try for a fun start to your workday. Obviously, if you use an electric hand mixer rather than a whisk, it won't take 20 minutes to whip the coffee.

Regardless, we know you'll love trying this recipe out, and with the added coconut sugar and adaptogen coffee, it definitely is a healthier option than your usual cup of coffee before work!

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