How to Find Hidden Job Leads on the Go

How to Find Hidden Job Leads on the Go

We know you’ve got a busy life – between bringing the kids to soccer practice, cooking dinners, and socializing with friends, who has time to focus on their job search? Good news, job seekers! Now you can chip away at your job search on the go with your smartphone. Who knew? Instead of playing Angry Birds or Words with Friends while you wait for the bus, take a step forward with your job search. Here are some resources you can use to find hidden job leads when you're strapped for time.

Get Advice

Headed to an interview and need a few last-minute pointers? Try the Career Solvers app! It’s chock-full of useful tools and career advice for job seekers.

Organize Your Efforts

You have too much on your mind already – so don’t put more pressure on your brain to remember your job search goals. Organize all of your job search efforts in the palm of your hand with apps like Evernote or Astrid.

Update Your Resume

Is it time to give your resume a boost? Now you can work on your resume while you’re sitting in the subway. Apps like Pocket Resume and ResumeMaker On-the-Go help you create, maintain, and send your resume right from your phone.

Brand Yourself

These days, it’s likely recruiters and employers will look you up online to make sure you don’t have any bad press. Maintain your digital brand by creating positive and helpful online pages about yourself. The app helps you design your own bio/contact page – it’s almost like a digital business card!

Network With Your Connections

You already know networking is crucial in a job search. With apps like LinkedIn, a career-oriented social media site, you can easily update your profile, resume, and connections wherever you go. Another great app for networking is SnapDat. With this app, you can create, hold, and share digital business cards with virtually anyone. Who needs hardcopies anymore?

Search for Openings

Not sure where to apply for jobs? Find hidden job leads through apps like Twitter and the Hidden Jobs App. With Twitter, users can search on a variety of hashtags to narrow their search. For example, if they are looking for a position in sales in Maryland, they might search on #jobs #maryland #sales. With the Hidden Jobs App, you can discover unadvertised positions at companies around the U.S. Good luck and happy job searching! Image Credit: Shutterstock