4 Types Of Job Attitudes - Which One Are You?

4 Types Of Job Attitudes - Which One Are You?

Did you know there are different types of job attitudes? Find out which one you are! Related:How To Be More Likeable At Work: 10 Things To Do Today

Attitude | Noun

  1. The way a person thinks and behaves
  2. A position of the body
  3. Informal a hostile manner
  4. The orientation of an aircraft or spacecraft in relation to some plane or direction [Latin aptus apt]

FACT: Attitude = Effectiveness And Success On-The-Job

Thinking and behaving (attitude) influence the world around us in ways obvious and not so apparent, but the effect is REAL, nonetheless. There are four basic kinds of people in business today. They can be best characterized by their attitudes:

Job Lover

A person can LOVE their job and may, read trade journals, spend hours over “working lunches/breaks,” have friends that are in the same industry, and also find time to seek out ways to even further improve work or business: By all appearances the MODEL worker – right? WRONG. This employee, business owner, or consultant may miss opportunities by erroneously thinking that all their hard work, without a doubt will benefit them. Throwing oneself into work so fully and energetically can create blinders not only to unexpected pitfalls in the business arena, but may also keep one from fully experiencing personal opportunities. In short, all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl!

Job Doer

Perhaps this Jack or Jane takes a more pragmatic approach: The job as a means to an end. Working like a dog might mean more enjoyable periods of time off, the ability to pay the bills, travel, take vacations, and/or enjoy hobbies. Sometimes it is just the little things – pride in a job well done, being responsible, just being a contributing member of society in general! Still, there is room for growth and self-examination. A job, business, or current opportunity (while it lasts!) can provide one with the basics, maybe more. Sure life is good, but, in the current climate, one must be prepared for the unexpected.

Job Hater

Again it does not matter the title – owner, worker, consultant, whatever. Folks in this category may bark out orders whenever possible, complain constantly, frown consistently, and criticize coworkers, boss, company in general. One wonders not how they are able to bring themselves to get out of bed in the morning, but why they are allowed to! Typically, a person with this type of attitude has too much time and energy wrapped up in expressing these negative feelings that seem to build and explode in a never-ending torrent to consider opportunities. Blindfolded, often opportunities and anything else that could be construed as positive are missed.

Job What?

Most readers will admit to knowing at least one of this type, who can be summed up by their perpetual query, “Why am I here?” They often call in sick whenever possible (especially when not), spend more time on personal business than work, miss meetings, deadlines, and are frequently late/miss work. This guy or gal is seldom a boss, but sometimes people get lucky and own businesses run effectively by the sweat of others! Regardless, one is left to wonder who benefits from this person showing up on the “job.” Potential is buried by lack of caring and activity. Talk about hiding one’s light under a bushel! Opportunities are not only not recognized by this type, but are literally pushed aside... Think about your attitude about work now. How is it affecting you and your opportunities – are you prepared to make a change if you need to? Who are you as an owner, employee, boss, or consultant? How do you present to others? Creating an up to date curriculum vitae or resume help you develop a clear statement of who you are and what you have to offer to customers, employees, employers or bosses. In short, it can help you develop your own personal brand that can make you stand head and shoulders above others in your field. This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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