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Career Hack: Escape Your Boring Job & Find True Fulfillment

Career Hack: Escape Your Boring Job & Find True Fulfillment

What if I told you that there was a simple, proven shortcut to success and fulfillment in your career... that you’re probably not using (and even if you are - odds are you’re doing it wrong.) Related:3 Ways To Break Free Of Your Boring, Torturous Job The core principle has been used by certain people for decades - some could even argue since the caveman days. However, it hasn’t been until recently that the true power of this idea has come to light in a way that’s easier than ever to apply to your life and career… So if you’re feeling stuck or bored in your career and you want to find fulfillment (and achieve greater levels of success), then read carefully and watch the short two minute video below. (In particular - watch for step four in Tony’s “5 Steps”)

The Key Element To Success & Fulfillment Most People Are Missing

Before I tell you the simple (even obvious) career hack - you need to know what’s missing from how most people apply it. See, most of the people who do use it, do so unconsciously. They have no purpose or direction. However, the first thing you need to realize is that clarity is key. You need to know what you want before you can make it happen. Here’s what I mean: Imagine for a second that I’m a magic genie, and I can wave my fingers and give you any job in the world that you want. What would you choose? Would it give you everything you’re looking for? Or are you not quite sure…? Most of us would have a difficult time with that question - and that’s ok. All it means is that the first step is taking the time to get clear on exactly what we want. It means digging into our true strengths, our most important values, and our deepest passions to discover our calling in life (in a way that makes a great income AND an impact in the world). And that’s not easy. It takes time… but the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get there.

The Simple ‘Career Hack’ For Success & Fulfillment

Like I said, this shortcut to success is painfully simple. It’s obvious. But it’s also incredibly powerful when used wisely and with direction. Napoleon Hill shared it in his timeless, bestselling book, Think & Grow Rich, where he studied the most successful people in the world to find common practices. And here it is from one of the greatest teachers of our time: In a word? Modelling. Modelling success is the number one tip I can give you in order to escape your boring job as quickly as possible, and create the success, career, and lifestyle you desire. Why is this so important, where can you find someone to “model”, and who should you model? Tony gives a great, brief explanation of why modelling successful people is so important in this short, to-the-point video:   Like Tony says, “making your big dreams real” is incredibly important. For me, spending time with my two millionaire bosses at my previous makes a great income AND an impact in the world allowed me to see that they’re just normal guys who persisted until they succeeded - and I could do the same. The other reason modelling success is the ultimate shortcut is that it allows you to learn from other people’s mistakes. Today, with the power of the internet, it’s easier than ever to access the best information available worldwide so you can shorten your journey and dodge obstacles that others have already overcome.

Who Should You Model Most?

The short answer is that you should model someone who’s already done what you want to do… … And ideally is at least ten years ahead of you. Which goes back to the core requirement for this career hack: Knowing exactly what you want to do ( makes a great income AND an impact in the world). They don’t have to be living your ideal life in every single aspect. In fact, you’ll probably never find someone with the exact same desires as you. However, you can model certain aspects or behaviors. Think of your desired life and career as a beautiful, multicolored mosaic, with each tile representing some behavior, practice, or way or living borrowed from people you look up to. This allows you to pull out what you believe to be the best aspects of everyone you come into contact with, and when those aspects have been proven to be successful by others before you, then you’re using the ultimate shortcut to success. For more free tips on finding and getting a job you love, check out a makes a great income AND an impact in the world alongside someone I’ve modeled a TON. We show you where to makes a great income AND an impact in the world(who are renowned for engaging and empowering their employees) - and how to get their attention. This post was originally published at an earlier date

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