My Job Is Being "Re-Defined" - Am I In Trouble?

Is your job being “re-defined”? Not sure what to think? Today, career experts J.T. O’Donnell and Dale Dauten help a reader deal with this situation...

Dear J.T. and Dale,

I am the Office Admin for a non-profit. I have gone above and beyond. They have now decided to call the position “Community Admin.” The job description is what I do. I am confused and frustrated that they are not just promoting me, but they said I must apply and interview. Do you have any advice? Do I have any rights?

- Anna

According to O’Donnell, this kind of thing could be the result of a couple issues. First, they might not be happy with your performance, and they want to change things up and bring someone else in. Second, they realize that they need to utilize some new skill sets and they’re making those changes to the role. If you can rise to that opportunity, then great. If not, then you might not be the right fit for the role anymore. In either case, both experts agree that this is a warning sign. From a legal standpoint, they are able to do this if they feel they need something different. What can you do in this case? Look back at past performance reviews. Can you prove that you were exceeding expectations? If so, you have a few options. First, you can bring it up when you’re re-applying for the job. Second, if you decide you want to go look for a new job, that’s great information you can share with potential employers. And third, if you are let go for some reason, you can might be able to prove that this was a layoff instead of a firing. If your job is being "re-defined," this is the time to gather things together to start making your case or start looking for a new job. Want to ask J.T. & Dale a question? Email your question to

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