Job Search Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Job Search Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone
Recently, I had to attend an orientation for my daughter’s upcoming sixth grade environmental camp session. (Stick with me, I have a point.) While there, the presenter from the camp discussed their goal is to focus on “experiential learning” as a way to develop the students creative and critical thinking skills. She said the exercises are designed to get the kids to achieve more than they thought they were capable of by showing them how to work together to use their collective knowledge to find solutions. She also said it would get them to push past their fears of failure and give them a safe environment to use trial-and-error as a way to get results. And then she ended by telling us her favorite quote related to the power of experiential learning:
Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
As soon as I heard it, I thought of all the job seekers out there who are slowly dying inside. Who are becoming more fearful with every passing day that they will never find work. Meanwhile, they are retreating further and further into themselves, just trying to stay comfortable and to minimize the pain... the exact opposite of what they should be doing.

Job Search Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

If you’ve been doing the same job search technique for months and the only thing it’s gotten you is depressed and frustrated then I have news for you: You are doing it wrong. The majority of job search techniques today are useless. Why? The job seeker doesn’t start with the right information and strategy. It’s like trying to drive to Boston from San Francisco using a map of Miami – it doesn’t work! Until you have a clear sense of A) who you are as a professional, B) what your ideal employer is, and C) how those two intersect, you will not be able to get employers to connect with you.

Example: You’re a Business-of-One

If you think about it, you are a business-of-one trying to sell your services. Currently, you’ve been "spraying and praying" your sales message – blasting off resumes and cover letters to companies you’ve never met, just hoping they like what they see. It’s ineffective because it’s impersonal. Good business owners understand sales is about relationship building. They know how to connect with their customers. More importantly, they only spend time focusing on nurturing their relationships with their ideal customers. This is what today’s job seeker must do. And yet, nobody taught this in school. So, job seekers continue to market their businesses-of-one in a way that fails them. It’s time to change your approach. It’s time to get out of your job search comfort zone and learn a new, more rewarding way to run your business-of-one’s marketing campaign.

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