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Last week on "JT on Jobs," I shared with viewers a very important job seeker mindset for 2012: As a job seeker, you are an outsider who is trying to earn their place in an employer's tribe. (In the video above, I provide a clear explanation of why adopting this mindset is vital to job seeker success.) In the same session, I outlined the three skills or traits jobs seekers need to demonstrate in 2012 to earn their place within an employer's tribe. They are:

  • Likeability
  • Aptitude
  • Pragmatic
Many people were shocked that I didn't list things like “innovative" or “multi-cultural." Yes, these are good skills to have a job seeker, but not every hiring manager needs those. Whereas, the skills I listed are mandatory. Here's why...

It's Still a Buyer's Market!

Even though the economy is improving, hiring managers aren't at the point they are desperate and will take a warm body for an open job. They are very picky and need to know you can join their tribe without much training of fuss. So, the more you can prove you have the three skills listed above, the better the chances you will get selected.

Interview Prep is the Secret to Success

In this JT on Jobs, I shared how to prepare for interviews so that you can properly demonstrate these skills as a job seeker in 2012. (To watch the full recording, you need a CareerHMO membership which you can get by clicking here.) Proper interview prep ensures you convey the right message and prove you should be granted a spot in the employer's tribe. It also frees you up pay more attention, act more human, and most importantly, prove your accountability in the interview - and that is what it takes to be selected!

Your Turn

What do you do in interviews to be more likeable? How do you like demonstrate your aptitude for the job? What's your best example of how pragmatic you are? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I want to hear how you are proving to employers you have the job seeker skills they need in 2012! Skills job seeker image from Shutterstock
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