Why You Should Keep Your Remote Job Right Now

Serious remote employee works from home

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote jobs have been in high demand. To attract the best candidates, companies started to post more remote and hybrid positions. But with more and more companies making employees return to the office, remote workers might be feeling the pressure.

If you're a remote worker, hold on tight to your job right now. Here's why...

Competition For Remote Jobs Is Getting Fiercer

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A new study on LinkedIn shows that when it comes to jobs that require people to be in person, there are essentially two jobs like that on LinkedIn for every one person who's applying. On the flip side, though, for remote positions, there are two people applying for every one remote job. That means remote jobs are super coveted, and competition is fierce.

Based on the research, this is going to give companies an opportunity to flex their muscles and start to say, "Hey, we're going to make people come back into the office," because employers know there are not as many remote jobs as there once were. They know you can't just jump ship for a remote job anymore.

Times have changed. If you are looking for remote work, you're going to have to really stand out from the crowd. You're going to have to create an incredible amount of value. And if you have a remote job right now, please make sure that you continue to provide that value because your employer now knows that you are replaceable. Either way, staying on top of your game will allow you to get and keep a remote job now and in the future.

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