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Many professionals are realizing that a remote job is best for their career and work-life balance. But, what if you don't have much experience working from home, or just changed careers and have no work experience in your new field?

Fortunately, there are many remote jobs out there that don't require a lot of work experience. A recent FlexJobs article highlighted 10 remote jobs that require little or no work experience, and discussed the importance of transferable skills when applying for one of these jobs. Here are four of our favorite remote jobs from that list, and what each job might entail.

1. Tech Support

Man works a remote tech support job that requires little to no experience

A tech support job is perfect for technically inclined professionals who like to troubleshoot problems and find solutions, who also have the ability to explain tech issues and features to clients and customers in an easy-to-understand manner. Some potential responsibilities include: analyzing, troubleshooting, and evaluating computer network problems, performing routine maintenance of an organization's networks, and providing technical help and advice to clients and customers.

Check out remote tech support jobs.

2. Data Entry

Woman with a data entry job that requires no experience works from home

A data entry job involves processing and inputting large amounts of information and data into database systems, making sure the information is accurate and that there are no errors with the data. Some potential responsibilities include: cataloguing data with appropriate tags, generating periodic reports, and maintaining and updating the database system as necessary.

Check out remote data entry jobs.

3. Travel Consultant

Male travel agent works from home

A travel consultant job is appealing to people who love traveling and have a knack for planning trips. Also known as a travel agent, a travel consultant helps individuals and groups plan trips by creating itineraries and recommending transportation, lodging, and entertainment activities. Some potential responsibilities include: booking reservations for travel, hotels, rental cars, and events and making alternative booking arrangements if changes arise before or during a client's trip.

Check out remote travel jobs.

4. Social Media Evaluator

Woman works a remote social media job

A social media evaluator job doesn't require as much experience as a social media specialist job. It's typically an entry-level position, and is perfect for someone looking to get their foot in the door at a specific company or in the marketing industry. Some potential responsibilities include: evaluating the quality and relevance of information found in ads, news feeds, or search results, assigning posts to a category of topics, and assessing claims stated in pieces of content.

Check out remote social media jobs.

If you're looking for a remote job that requires little to no work experience, consider one of the positions above. It's all about using your transferable skills to land the job, so you can then gain enough work experience to pursue your dream job—remote or not!

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