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5 Tips For Getting A Job During The Holidays

Recently, an Excelle community member asked me how to gain holiday employment. (See full question here.) My Response: I’m thrilled to hear you want to target a seasonal job as a way to land full-time employment. There are 5 things that make getting a job during the holidays easier.

#1 – Showcase the right skills on your resume.

Make sure your resume highlights and draws attention to any experience you have in customer service, teamwork and other key attributes they’ll be looking for in seasonal help. An ability to deal with stress and sudden change are also important. The holidays are hectic, so share with the potential employer how you’ll be a positive addition to the team by leveraging your strengths.

#2 – Dress the part.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great first impression. Dress for the interview in professional attire. Even if the job indicates you’ll be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, you need to show respect for the employer by visiting them in clothes that show you are committed to being seen as one who cares about their appearance and the impact it has on others.

#3 – Show your connection to the company.

Employers like to hire candidates who have a passion for what they do. Why? Because they know that excitement will translate into better performance. Demonstrate how and why you admire the company. Highlight what you love most about their products and services. Give examples of how you have personally used them in your own life with success. The more you can show them you understand and respect the business, the more likely you’ll be to get the job.

#4 – Exceed expectations.

Just because the hourly rate is low, doesn’t mean you should gage your effort to reflect the pay. Think of this as a ‘working audition’ for the job you really want. Anticipate the manager’s needs, go the extra mile, and most importantly, act like an owner! By that I mean do whatever it takes to make the company look good to customers while making a profit. (REMEMER: They can only keep you on the payroll if they can make enough money to cover your salary!)

#5 – Articulate your intentions.

And finally, don’t assume doing a great job is enough to get a full-time job offer. Let your manager know you’d like to work for the company someday full-time and that you are open to any feedback, guidance or suggestions that can help you achieve that goal. When you share your goals with management, they can help you reach them. Employers aren’t mind-readers, so spell out your desires and you’ll increase your chances of making them come true. Follow the above guidelines and you may not only land a new seasonal job, but just might turn that part-time gig into a full-time position! Click here » to read more articles on Excelle. Excelle is Monster's premier online community for female professionals in the United States. Photo credit: Shutterstock
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