3 Lesser-Known Signs Of Job Burnout

Woman experiences job burnout

When you hear about job burnout, you probably think of the common signs and symptoms. You might have even experienced them once or twice before. But do you know the lesser-known signs of job burnout? Could you unknowingly be experiencing job burnout right now?

Here are three lesser-known signs that you have job burnout.

1. You're Getting Sick More Frequently

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The first lesser-known sign that you have job burnout is that you are getting sick more frequently. You seem to be picking up every little cold, every little sniffle. And when you get sick, you get sicker than usual. It also probably takes you a lot longer than it used to get over the sickness completely.

2. You Can't Envision The Future Of Your Career

Man experiences job burnout


The second lesser-known sign of job burnout is that you can't envision the future of your career. Maybe you can't even imagine new jobs, a new career, or anything you'd be interested in doing. You've lost all excitement for any kind of work going forward. Someone who isn't burned out will have career goals and at least a basic idea of how they see their career progressing.

3. You're Practicing Escapism

Woman feels burned out in her career


The last lesser-known sign of job burnout is that you're practicing escapism. Maybe you're excessively binge-watching TV shows, eating too much, or procrastinating. Basically, you're doing anything you can to distract your brain because you don't want to deal with the reality that you're very unhappy in your career.

If any of these signs are popping up in your life, you're probably experiencing job burnout. The good news is I can help.

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