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How To Find The BEST Keywords For Your LinkedIn Profile

How To Find The BEST Keywords For Your LinkedIn Profile


As a recruiter, I use LinkedIn to find candidates for most of my open positions.

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If you are a job seeker and want to get found by recruiters on LinkedIn, you obviously need to have a strong LinkedIn profile, and you need to know about using keywords.

Keywords are the relevant phrases or words on your profile that will make it easy to find you when a recruiter is looking for certain terms.

You need these keywords in your job descriptions, LinkedIn Summary, and your headline.

How To Find The BEST Keywords For Your LinkedIn Profile

Let me share a few tips on how to find the best keywords for your LinkedIn profile:

Scan job postings for keywords.

Granted, some job descriptions are really short and not specific enough. However, review several descriptions of positions that interest you and notice if there are any that keep popping up in most job descriptions.

You might even want to find people with the same job title as yours or as the one you’re applying for. What keywords are they using on their LinkedIn profile and what are their job titles?

If they are relevant to your experience, find a way of using them in your LinkedIn profile.

Be specific.

Avoid broad terms such as “marketing.” That won’t tell me what you did in your job. Did you work in marketing communications or did you deal with affiliate partners? Are you an SEO or brand marketing expert? The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the recruiter to find you.

Also, when I look for candidates for my open position, I sometimes search by inputting names of software or programs the candidate is using (e.g. SAP) or languages they speak. So if you speak Dutch or German for example, make sure this is clear on your LinkedIn profile.

Keywords can make it much easier for recruiters to find you and contact you about job opportunities.

I know of someone who got approached by 10 companies in the last three months – without lifting a finger. You can get the same result by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and getting visible. Good luck!

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