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Malouf Employees Can Rest Easy With Great Benefits Package

Malouf employees gather outside the company's Logan, Utah headquarters.
Photo courtesy of Malouf

When it comes to caring about employees, Malouf believes that actions speak louder than words.

The Utah-based bedding and furniture manufacturer honors that belief by offering a strong benefits package to not only make Malouf an attractive place for new talent, but to build camaraderie among current employees, making them want to stay with the company over the long-term.

Founded in 2003, Malouf consistently ranks as one of the top places to work in Utah and ranks #8 on Glassdoor's Best Places To Work 2019 list for small and medium-sized businesses. While the company's employee benefits package is only one piece of the puzzle, it's a large piece.

Malouf's Employee Benefits

Malouf covers 100% of the health insurance premiums (medical, dental, and vision) for employees and their families, including non-married partners. The company also offers a $35,000 life insurance policy, long-term disability, and a fully vested 401(k).

"We are all about caring for our employees and that runs on a deeper level," said Malouf Employee Experience Manager Matt Vance. "Our appreciation for our employees is very real and we put our money where our mouth is."

Vance explains that an employee's well-being goes beyond just medical benefits. For example, Malouf offers significant product discounts where an employee can buy a $3,500 mattress for less than $1,000.

"We want our people to sleep well," Vance said, noting that a well-rested employee is a happy employee.

Malouf's focus on employee well-being also includes free salon services once a month, weekly yoga, and an on-site gym with a basketball court.

Vance said the company uses data analytics and employee engagement surveys to constantly keep its pulse on employee needs, feedback, and concerns. Vance noted that research shows companies that rank high for employee satisfaction perform better on the stock market than S&P 500 companies.

"Happy employees are more productive and loyal and they provide better service to customers," Vance said.

Malouf's robust benefits package currently has a perfect 5.0 rating on Glassdoor.

"The benefits at Malouf are unmatched!" one reviewer wrote on Glassdoor.

"The insurance premiums are covered 100% for employee and family, the perks are unbelievable," another reviewer wrote. "Hands down Malouf takes excellent care of their employees."

There's Always Something Cooking At Malouf

Malouf employees enjoy a healthy lunch in the Malouf kitchen.

Photo courtesy of Malouf

Making sure that employees are well-fed is also a major priority at Malouf as employees will often eat a gourmet, farm-to-table lunch together in the Malouf kitchen. The company has an in-house culinary team, grows produce from its garden, and makes its own bread, according to Vance. As an example of the kitchen's gourmet food offerings, one of the company's most popular meals is a paper fish dish made from Hawaiian sea bass.

"Everything is knock your socks off good," Vance said. "It's next level for sure."

Employees agree.

"Lunchtime is the best—there is no restaurant in town that can compete with our delicious and healthy lunches," said a Malouf employee on Glassdoor.

Lunches are catered at Malouf's distribution centers where the economy of scale does not justify an in-house kitchen facility. Including healthy food options for all employees at all sites is a goal, according to Vance.

The company also likes to bring the workforce together and show appreciation by throwing parties. Malouf recently held a family-friendly carnival complete with animal shows at its summer gathering. The company has previously held casino nights and celebrations around Halloween and Cinco de Mayo. They also throw a large Christmas party in Salt Lake City every year.

"Our company events really build the culture here and help employees get to know each other. We work hard to know everyone's name and that creates a family-like atmosphere and builds a lot of mutual respect across departments," a Malouf employee said on Glassdoor.

Malouf Gives Back

Malouf's culinary team poses for a photo.

Photo courtesy of Malouf

Giving back is another major focus at Malouf, according to Vance. Malouf recently became a Benefit Corporation to reinforce sustainability initiatives and is focused on fighting human trafficking through the Malouf Foundation, where a portion of every Malouf purchase goes to supporting the foundation's efforts.

Employees are encouraged to volunteer through the company's charitable time-off program.

"We feel fortunate and confident in how we treat our employees and what we're able to achieve in our industry and in society," Vance said.

Vance credited the company's founder, Sam Malouf, for his humble approach that sets the tone for the company's focus on its employees and charitable endeavors.

A Growing Company

Members of Malouf's reputation team hold a meeting.

Photo courtesy of Malouf

Malouf started as a two-person operation in 2003 and has grown to 450 employees currently. Vance said the company expects to be up to 1,000 employees in the next 3-5 years and will have a new office that can fit up to 1,200. In addition to its main office in Logan, Utah, Malouf has distribution centers in North Carolina, Texas, and Ohio.

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