How Meditation Can Help Your Job Search

How Meditation Can Help Your Job Search

There are several things you can’t control when you're on the job search, especially today. Jobs are limited, the way you look for jobs has changed, and you never truly know why employer X decided to hire candidate Y instead of you. However, beating yourself up about why you couldn’t get the job isn’t going to get you anywhere. In fact, it will make the process a lot harder, and the chances of ever finding employment will continue to dwindle.

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There was an article on Mashable that talked about how one’s attitude can really make a difference when it comes to attracting employers. It advises job seekers to come up with positive phrases about themselves to not just give them the confidence they need when things get frustrating, but also to show hiring managers a person who doesn’t carry any baggage, someone who is confident and positive even in the dimmest of situations. But how do we get there? How can we get out of our depressed state when all we can think about are things like: How am I going to afford rent next month? How am I supposed to feed my kids? Will I be able to afford gas next week? The key is to get into the right mindset. Before we can start thinking positively about ourselves, we have to take a deep breath, relax, and meditate. According to—a non-profit dedicated to combating anxiety, stress, depression, among other things—suggests “bringing your nervous system back into balance” in order to fight “overwhelming stress.” Here are some of the sites suggestions on how to do just that:

Get Off The Couch

Relaxing doesn’t necessarily mean you should sleep more, or lie down for longer periods of time. It’s about getting your mind active that will leave you and your body, “relaxed, calm, and focused.” recommends setting aside 10-20 minutes a day for relaxation sessions to get you started. If that’s not enough and you have the time to commit, you can always extend the sessions.

Take Deep Breaths

We’ve all heard this one at some point in our lives, but I bring it up because it’s one of the easiest meditation methods, and doesn’t require a whole lot. It consists of sitting comfortably, not slouching, resting one hand on your chest, the other on your stomach, and breathing deeply.

Getting Rid Of Tension

If you feel your muscles are tense, this relaxation method can help with that. Start by slipping into clothing that is loose fitting, remove your shoes, and like the deep breathing technique, get in a comfortable position. You start with your right foot and tense out the muscles by squeezing your foot as firmly as you can. Try to relax your foot and concentrate on the pressure flowing away. You repeat the sequence on other parts of your body.

Stay Calm, Stay Focused

Mindfulness meditation allows you to “reduce overwhelming stress” by concentrating on “a single repetitive action.” It requires you to find a place that is quiet and private. Like the methods mentioned above, you should get comfortable and find something to focus on. It could be an object in the room, or an internal thought. You can close your eyes if it helps more with your focus, and if you have several thoughts running through your mind, let them flow, while calmly always going back to your focus. So the next time you’re feeling frustrated or stressed, remember that you can do something about it with these helpful relaxation techniques. The only person who can get you out of your funk is you. For more detailed relaxation techniques, be sure to visit the website. This post was originally published at an earlier date.
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