Revealed: My Millionaire Boss's Secret To Meeting Richard Branson

“I now officially know someone who has hung out with Richard Branson on his private island!” I exclaimed to my girlfriend over phone. Related: How I Got An Internship With A Millionaire “That’s great," she replied. “No, but seriously… that’s my dream!” Imagine hanging out on a private, paradise island with one of the coolest (and wealthiest) men in the world… Relaxing on the beach, playing tennis, waterskiing… Sounds amazing, right? Don’t worry, after I filled my girlfriend (now wife) in on what there was to do there, she was just as excited as me. Now, in my last article, I shared “3 Little Career Secrets of the Ultra-Successful," and today I want to give you the most remarkable example I’ve seen of these secrets in action.

Meet Mike & Robert

You’ve probably never heard of Mike & Robert before, but let me tell you… they are pretty incredible guys. Both have built multi-million dollar businesses, travelled the world, and hung out with amazing people like Richard Branson... A few years back, I weaseled my way into working for Mike & Robert by offering to work for free for three months. And as hard as it was to swallow at the time (knowing I’d be living off instant noodles)... I also knew that within a few years of working for them I’d be able to do pretty much anything I wanted. Well, I’m happy to say that...

My Crazy Plan Worked

It’s now almost three years later, I’ve become a keynote speaker (one of my big dreams in life)... I’ve started a successful business (another of my big goals)... And I’m business partners with Andrew Hewitt - who is an international keynote speaker and founder of the GameChangers 500… a list of the world’s top purpose-driven companies. Every single day, I thank my lucky stars for having the opportunity to work with and learn from such remarkable people. But I’m even more thankful that I took that crazy chance years ago, because...

I Learned The Most Important Lesson of My Life

It’s a lesson that I will practice every single day until I die, and pass on to as many other people as I can. See, the one thing that Mike, Robert, and Andrew all have in common is their intense desire to grow, and their willingness to invest in themselves as much as possible. Mike met Robert because he hired him for business coaching… at the rate of $25,000/month! Andrew read more books by the time he turned 21 than most people do in their lifetime… And thankfully, I get to soak in their wisdom on a regular basis... In addition to applying their one big idea, and investing in myself daily. So that’s it… no big secret. If you want to make millions and hang out with Richard Branson one day… Then it’s simple. Invest in yourself as much as possible. YOU are your own greatest asset. To learn more about Andrew & I and how we’re helping people get their dream jobs with GameChanging companies (and get 3 free tips you can apply now to do so), check out our free video here. This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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