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Why You Should Never Be Loyal To Your Job

Why You Should Never Be Loyal To Your Job

Once upon a time, jobs offered benefits. These benefits included a matching 401K, pension, retirement fund, and stock options. For most people, those benefits no longer exist. Related:5 Key Rules For Career Changers In fact, you’re lucky if your employer even offers reasonable health insurance benefits. As the years have passed, employers have slowly but surely chipped away at employee benefits leaving one to wonder what reason they have to be loyal to an employer. It’s like the classic frog in the boiling water scenario. If you put a frog in a pot of water and slowly increase the temperature, they’ll lie there until eventually meeting their demise. Are you content with being a frog? Everyday you go to work, you’re asked to work harder, work longer hours, and work for diminishing benefits. At what point will you stop and turn the tables? This issue we’re facing today isn’t isolated. It’s a systemic issue that’s deeply rooted in the American employment model. All hope is not lost as there are still a few companies in existence who still take care of their employees, but for the most part everyone is on their own and left to fend for themselves and establish a retirement fund on their own. Now is the time to wake up and smell the coffee, and instead of accepting things for the way that they are, it’s time for you to take action, because things will not get better. If you want to maximize your earning potential and enhance your experience in your career, you must become indispensable, you must build a personal brand, you must market yourself in a way in which employers fight one another to give you top dollar for your skills, assets, and abilities. The first thing you must do is get rid of the ridiculous notion of job loyalty. This goes against all conventional wisdom, but it’s important to rid yourself of this out-dated employment model. Employer’s certainly have. They’re completely content with having a revolving door of new hires. In the mean time, those who sit silently in their cubicle watching year after year go by with little or no raise and diminishing benefits, lose. You need to make sure you’re on the right side of history, and if employers have lost their loyalty to you by taking your benefits away, why should you remain loyal to them? If the grass looks greener on the other side, go for it! One thing that should be made loud and clear is that this new mindset isn’t about revenge, it’s about self-preservation. In this day and age, the longer you stick with an employer the more likely you are to:

  • Receive less wages than you’re worth (based on market salary averages)
  • Reduce the experience of your career
  • Lose opportunities to learn new skills within your career
The relationship between employee and employer has changed and if you haven’t adjusted, it’s about time you make a change.

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