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Too Legit To Quit: 9 Reasons To Stay At Your Job

Too Legit To Quit: 9 Reasons To Stay At Your Job

You probably have AT LEAST nine good reasons to quit your job (you can probably even think up a couple on your own). Related:'Should I Quit My Job?' – 11 Critical Questions To Ask Yourself Just in case you feel like you can't take any more and just might quit – read these reasons to stay put:

1. It could help you land your dream job.

Yes, you read that correctly! Staying at a job you no longer enjoy can actually help you get your dream job. The current position may serve as a complete or partial foil to what you would actually LOVE to do with a company you would actually LOVE to work for. Unless you know where you want to go, it's nearly impossible to figure out how to get there.

2. It pays the bills.

This is kind of a no brainer for most people – unless you are independently wealthy. Your current job can be part of your short term goals. Once you have identified your long term goal, you can add paying the bills to your list of short term goals to get you to that dream job you now know you want.

3. It provides social and networking opportunities.

Being stuck at home applying for jobs is no way to network into a new position! Instead of complaining, engage your co-workers, and explore networking opportunities inside and outside of work or industry. You never know when your next job opportunity will present itself or from what source – get out there and network.

4. It could provide good references.

Would you list anyone at your current employment as a reference? How about two jobs from now? Chances are you will need to provide professional references for positions you have held when applying to that end-all beat-all job you will get some day (soon)! Be mindful of that as you try to avoid a grumpy, downtrodden demeanor at this one.

5. It provides structure to your day.

Like it or not, as adults, we all spend at least a third of our lives working. When we lose the structure a work schedule provides, it often leads to depression and relationship problems. Sure, it would be nice to sleep in for a few days, but then what? Being slapped in the face daily by a lack of response to online applications doesn't sound ideal.

6. It could boost your self-esteem.

Work also provides us with a fundamental sense of self-esteem. As Americans, we often identify ourselves with and by what we do. “I'm a plumber, lawyer, manager, assistant," and so on. Finding an identity and maintaining self-esteem is a huge challenge when you are not working. It's hard to present confidently and have skills and strengths to present to employers when you lack self-esteem.

7. It will help you identify your likes and dislikes.

As you push through your day, pay attention to what aspects about your job, boss, or employment setting you do and don't like – this will give you better information about where you would rather be. Keep track in a notebook and focus on what you are looking for in your next position. That way, you will be able to recognize it when you see it.

8. It offers benefits.

Do you get education reimbursement, certification maintenance, and opportunities to attend seminars, webinar, workshops, or conferences? Can you job shadow someone whom you admire to more clearly determine if it is the job, your boss, the company, or the industry you don't like?

9. It's the Devil you know.

Its true, the Devil you know MAY be better than the devil you don't. It doesn't happen all the time, but many job seekers leave their current position before vetting a new one and find themselves unemployed shortly after being hired. Either fired or quit – a month or two of employment is not going to help you land that next great job! Stay put and look toward the future. Most importantly, move toward your future – it will make your hours at work pass a little more quickly…
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