3 Powerful Ways To Win The Emerging 'New Career Game'

3 Powerful Ways To Win The Emerging 'New Career Game'

There’s a ‘New Career Game’ out there. The question is... are you prepared to win it?RELATED: Need some career advice? Watch these career decoder tutorials! This ‘New Career Game’ the way of the future for businesses and YOU. Businesses will convert or become dinosaurs, as employees everywhere are readily and happily joining this growing movement. So, what’s this new game all about? And more importantly, how can you win it? To put it simply, it’s about connecting your paycheck and your purpose in life. Making an impact and an income. Some may laugh at the idea of being able to make a difference and an income at the same time. However, you won’t after hearing about...

The Rewards Of Playing The ‘New Game’

Certain ‘New Game’ companies around the world are treating their employees to perks such as:
  • Annual paradise team retreats
  • Laser tag parties at work
  • Variations of monthly and quarterly bonuses and profit sharing incentives
In addition to creating an exceptional work environment - as demonstrated above - these wonderfully non-traditional organizations are fond of empowering their employees. Ever felt like your company is treating you more like a human resource than a human being? Not here. In fact, in some cases, these companies are 100% employee owned, and in others… five hours of your work week must be spent on personal and professional growth. (Note: I share the best place to find these companies at the bottom of this article.) And those are just the employee perks. Did I mention that ‘New Game’ companies also care about more than their bottom line? These companies actually focus on creating things like eco-friendly products, earth friendly offices, and making a profit as well as a difference in the world.

3 Ways To Win The ‘New Career Game’

Interested in contributing your strengths to a meaningful cause and getting rewarded for it? Good. Here are three ways to win the 'new career game."

1. Tap Into Your Strengths

These “GameChanging” companies know that they’ll get the biggest bang for their buck with you if you’re applying and building on your natural strengths. That’s great news for you, since everyone knows it’s more enjoyable to do something you’re good at than battle with something you despise. So, here’s what to do: Many of them will have you do this anyway, but you can impress them from the start by taking the initiative to take the tests first. Take the Kolbe A or Strengthsfinder test, and line up your results with a position at these types of companies. Then print them out, and bring them into your interview with you as tangible proof that you’re a great fit for the job.

2. Clarify Your Core Values

Companies like Zappos (the one with the laser tag parties and monthly bonuses), and many others, have created a list of their top core values… and guess what? If you don’t fit them, you’re not going to get hired. It doesn’t matter if you’re Harvard education with a TON of experience… you’ve got to be clear on your values and be a fit with the company’s core values to get hired. So, take some time and complete one of the many core value assessments online, and screen companies you’re applying for to see if there’s a fit. Then, when you’re applying or in the interview, make sure you touch on why you believe you fit their core values. This technique will knock their socks off.

3. Lean Into Your Inspiration

Now, you’re probably wondering… where do I find these ‘New Game’ companies? And the answer is the same way you lean into your inspiration. See, inspiration is felt by learning about new possibilities and opportunities, and seeing what resonates with you. So, head on over to the GameChangers 500 list - which is a list of the world’s top purpose-driven, ‘New Game’ companies, and learn about them. Whichever companies inspire you most are the ones you’ll want to tailor your job applications to. And if you’d like a little help with getting their attention and getting a job with any of these remarkable companies... Then feel free to head over here and watch the free video I put together alongside the founder of the GameChangers 500. He’s my friend, business partner, and mentor, and the strategies we share in this video are the same ones that helped me get my dream job years ago. Enjoy the ‘New Game’! This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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