Why You Should Do An Online Internship

Why You Should Do An Online Internship

Whether you are already enrolled in a distance learning program or you plan to be soon, thinking about your future career is probably on the forefront of your mind. Since most people getting an online degree are doing so for their future career, it's no surprise students want to know what types of career services are offered.

Why You Should Do An Online Internship

Some schools will provide you with job placement services, but certain types of degrees will require more effort to get a job. Many industries are looking for people with experience and new graduates don’t always fit the bill. Related:6 Reasons Internships Are A Must In College However, if you can find an online internship with a company in the same industry, you can get experience to land a full time, permanent position.

Finding An Online Internship

Since you’re in distance learning, you'll probably be using the Internet for finding the internship as well. Depending on the type of degree you’re going for, the internship might be local or online. Typically, internships completely online are for jobs like writing, graphic design, or other virtual careers. If you already know of companies in your area that accept interns, that's the place to start. Other than that, a simple Internet search should get you some resources. Also, check different social media networks; many companies will post internship opportunities there.

Benefits Of An Online Internship

Although you're focusing on your coursework and will soon have a degree, it can be hard finding a job in the beginning. The biggest benefit to online internships is that they help you gain valid work experience to put on your resume. Not only that, but the employer can provide you with an excellent reference and recommendation. If you’re looking for a career that's home-based, you will need to find an online internship. This shows future employers that you’re capable of working on your own with very minimal supervision and meeting the deadlines set for you.

Getting Employment

After you're finished with your online internship, contact the person you were working for to ask for a reference. If you did your due diligence before accepting the internship, you should already know they are willing to give you a reference. You will now have experience in your field of expertise and something to put on your resume. When looking for a full-time, permanent position, be sure to let them know what experience you have, who the internship was for, and the type of work that you did.

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