Top 3 Podcast Episodes To Listen To This Week

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Need some podcast recommendations? Check out our episode picks of the week!

Here at Work It Daily, we understand the power of podcasts. We're all about forming good habits, and doing something every day to grow your career.

Listening to podcasts is a fun way to gain perspective, explore ideas, and learn something new. And, believe it or not, podcasts can also help you achieve career growth and success.

Want to build better habits and start "working it daily"? Give these three podcast episodes a listen.

"Is David Dobrik the future of the internet?" (Business Casual)

Work It Daily's podcast club episode recommendation (Business Casual)

Ian Borthwick, aka Ian from SeatGeek, is the guest on this episode of Business Casual. A lot goes on, too—Ian FaceTimes David Dobrik, we analyze the recent trend of giving away luxury cars as marketing, and we take a closer look at how COVID-19 has impacted influencers' $8+ billion/year industry. If you're curious about influencer marketing, you won't be disappointed.

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"David Mauro | How Hitting Rock Bottom Can Lead You to the Highest Place on Earth" (The Unmistakable Creative Podcast)

Work It Daily's podcast club episode recommendation (The Unmistakable Creative Podcast)

On this episode of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast, David Mauro talks about the time he hit rock bottom in his forties. Listen as he tells his story of embarking on a seven year journey to climb the seven summits. If you're feeling down, this podcast episode will hopefully help inspire you to take life by the horns. As David says, being at the lowest point in your life makes you bulletproof.

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"Kate Bennett 'I had to forget about everyone and focus on where I can have the most impact'" (How I Got Here)

Work It Daily's podcast club episode recommendation (How I Got Here)

How I Got Here is a new podcast we're featuring this week! On this episode, Kate Bennett, Director of Marketing for MBA Admissions at Harvard Business School, takes us through her career story. She developed passions for talent, analytics, and education on her journey, which started in management consulting. If you're wondering whether it's possible to find a job that ignites all of your passions, Kate's story offers a great example on how to do it.

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Looking for another great podcast to listen to? Check out JT Talks Jobs! Join J.T. O'Donnell, Work It Daily's founder and CEO, as she provides industry-leading insights into job search and career growth.

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