Top 3 Podcast Episodes To Listen To This Week

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Need some podcast recommendations? Check out our episode picks of the week!

Here at Work It Daily, we understand the power of podcasts. We're all about forming good habits, and doing something every day to grow your career.

Listening to podcasts is a fun way to gain perspective, explore ideas, and learn something new. And, believe it or not, podcasts can also help you achieve career growth and success.

Want to build better habits and start "working it daily"? Give these three podcast episodes a listen.

"3 Ways to Keep Anxiety from Going Viral with Dr. Jud Brewer" (The School of Greatness​)

Work It Daily's podcast club episode recommendation (The School of Greatness)

Lewis Howes interviews Dr. Jud Brewer, an addiction psychiatrist and internationally known expert in mindfulness training for treating addictions, in this episode of The School of Greatness. Tune in to hear what he has to say about the coronavirus and how to keep our minds from spiraling into fear and anxiety.

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"339 - How to Remain Hopeful During Tough Times (& A Special Announcement)" (The Marie Forleo Podcast)

Work It Daily's podcast club episode recommendation (The Marie Forleo Podcast)

In this episode of The Marie Forleo Podcast, the inspirational Marie Forleo tells you three encouraging stories from entrepreneurs who are making the best of difficult circumstances.

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"'Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It:' Best-selling Author Kamal Ravikant on How to Rebuild Yourself from Scratch" (The James Altucher Show)

Work It Daily's podcast club episode recommendation (The James Altucher Show)

The famous James Altucher finally gets to talk to his good friend Kamal Ravikant in this episode of The James Altucher Show. Kamal Ravikant is rewriting his hugely successful self-published book Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It because he got a lot of questions about the mechanics of loving yourself. Join them as they provide more guidance for how you really can love yourself like your life depends on it.

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Looking for another great podcast to listen to? Check out JT Talks Jobs! Join J.T. O'Donnell, Work It Daily's founder and CEO, as she provides industry-leading insights into job search and career growth.

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