Questions To Ask Yourself Before Resume Writing

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Resume Writing

There is major trouble ensuing in the job market! The problem? No, it is not the lack of jobs, the competition, or the unpredictability of the jobs you can find! Oh no, the issue I'd like to bring to your attention is the haste in which job seekers approach resume writing. They are sabotaging their job search and creating conflict in their career plans! Whatever you think resume writing is, it is not a race! In order to overcome the challenges I mentioned above, you must mesmerize your new employer and hold their attention long enough to brew in them the desire to call you. So, before you put pen to paper, contemplate the following:

Self-Reflection Before Resume Writing

  • What do I want in a job?
  • How would I describe my ideal job?
  • What has my career progression (or lack of) been like?
  • What have I learned from my experiences?
  • Who am I at work and where/how do I best succeed?
  • What are my marketable skill sets?
  • Why are these skills marketable?
  • To which companies would I be an asset and why?
  • What do I need to sidestep?
Ready for the most important question? Here it is: What benefits do I offer employers over other QUALIFIED candidates? Please, before you rush into resume technique, layout, and race to the finish line of a completed resume―invest time in the resume prep and research process. Reflect on who you are, what you desire, and where you would like to navigate with this new resume. Employers and recruiters will connect with the person behind the resume, if you can show them there is one! Boring, mundane, and hastily written resumes sound generic―but you are distinct! Become strategic in your job search. The result will be a targeted, well crafted, and amazing resume that attracts interview calls in a tough job market―and brings a smile to your face in the process (just an extra little benefit).

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