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You know WHERE you want to work and you know you're a great fit. But, do you know HOW to get noticed in the hiring process? QUIZ: Are You Being SHUT OUT Of The Hiring Process? Job search is hard, and when everyone is looking, it's difficult to stand out. But WHY aren't you getting noticed? What are you doing wrong? Take this quiz to find our if you're getting ignored by your dream jobs:

1. How do you feel about your job search?

(a) I don't get as much feedback from employers as I'd like. (b) I want to receive better feedback from employers. (c) It's going pretty well.

2. Where do you search for jobs?

(a) Job postings. (b) Company Websites. (c) Social Networking & Referrals.

3. Job searching makes you feel:

(a) Stressed & frustrated. (b) Disinterested. (c) Excited!

4. How would you describe your skills?

(a) I'm a jack-of-all-trades. (b) I could brush up on some new ones. (c) I specialize in one major area.

5. What do you think of networking?

(a) I hate it! I try to avoid it. (b) It's a necessary evil. (c) I enjoy it.

6. What does your cover letter say about you?

(a) It talks about my experience. (b) It says why I want the job. (c) It shows my personal brand.

7. How well-established are you on LinkedIn?

(a) What is LinkedIn? (b) I don't have a lot of time for LinkedIn. (c) My profile is updated and I have some connections.

8. How well do you interview?

(a) I haven't gotten many calls for interviews yet. (b) I could use some practice. It's nerve-wracking! (c) I do pretty well. I'm confident.


Mostly As: You need a job search shake-up!

You know what you want in a job, and you have great experience to offer. Don't get overlooked in the hiring process! Employers are changing the ways they locate top talent, so candidates have to change the way they approach job searching. You have the skills and the right attitude. You just have to shake-up how you showcase it!

Mostly Bs: You need a job search supercharge!

You're on the right track! To land your dream job faster, your job search could use a jump-start. On average, there are 118 applicants for every job posting. To stand out from the crowd and get hired, there are 8 things you have to power up.

Mostly Cs: Your job search seals the deal!

You're pretty job search savvy, but you deserve more offers! Put all of your awesome job search effort to work to land your dream job. You know what you want and you're getting good feedback. It's time to make your next application the LAST application.

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