QUIZ: Are You Being SHUT OUT Of The Hiring Process?

QUIZ: Are You Being SHUT OUT Of The Hiring Process?

Not sure where you're going wrong in your job search? Tired of never hearing back from employers? Chances are, you're getting shut out of the hiring process. Why? Well, there are a few major areas where job seekers fall flat when they're applying for jobs. But in the meantime, take this quiz to see what's going on in your job search:

1.) Does your job search revolve heavily around job boards?

(a) No, I try to avoid using them. (b) Sometimes, but I incorporate other tactics, too. (c) Yes. That's the only way I can find jobs!

2.) Do you customize your resume/cover letter for each job?

(a) Absolutely. I always do research and make sure I include the right keywords. (b) Depends. If I really want a job, I will put more effort into customization. (c) Nah, I use the same template for all of the jobs I apply for.

3.) How do you brand yourself?

(a) As a specialist in my field. (b) As a “Jack-of-all-trades." (c) Branding? What?

4.) How often do you network with people from your target companies?

(a) Whenever I can. (b) It varies - I try to meet as many people in my field as possible. (c) Networking isn't really my scene. I just apply to jobs and hope to hear back.

5.) When it comes to your cover letter, you…

(a) Try to find ways to connect with the employer. (b) Reiterate what you said in your resume. (c) Think cover letters are pointless, so you don't put much effort into them.

6.) Your resume is…

(a) Clean, organized, and focused. You work the white space! (b) Based off of a generic template you found online. (c) Looks more like a term paper than a resume sometimes. Lots of text!

7.) Have you completely filled out your LinkedIn profile?

(a) For the most part, yes. (b) I just added in the basics. I don't even have a profile picture. (c) ...I still haven't gotten around to getting a profile yet.

8.) What do you think the purpose of an interview is?

(a) To make sure it's a good fit - for both you and the employer. (b) To prove how well you can handle hard interview questions. (c) To talk about starting salary, benefits, and so on.


Mostly As: You're on the right track.

You're doing all of the right things, but you're not seeing the results. Frustrating, isn't it? Whether it's a lack of experience or confidence, there's some sort of snag. If you're tired of giving it your all only to get nothing in return, you should consider working with a career coach to help you focus your time, energy, and efforts in the right areas.

Mostly Bs: You need to update your strategy.

Your current job search strategy may have worked 10 years ago, but it's not very effective in this day and age. It's time to step it up!

Mostly Cs: You need a better plan of attack.

You don't really have a solid job search strategy in place. If you want to stand out and get a great job, you need to work harder than than the 'other guy.' But how can you do that efficiently?

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