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SHRM Is A Constant In The Changing World Of HR

The Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the largest professional human resources membership association in the U.S.

I've been in HR for many years and find it to be a reflection of the outside world. It's ever-changing and those involved in the industry have to be ready to adapt at a moment's notice.

Fortunately, those involved in human resources have places to keep track of the latest industry trends, discuss best practices, network and learn, and work together to continue to move the industry forward.

One of the most established is The Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM). Not only is it the largest professional human resources membership association in the U.S., but it's also a trusted tool for those continuously looking for a way to make the workplace better.

Here are some of the benefits of a SHRM membership:

SHRM Leads The Way On The Latest Industry Trends

Nothing stays the same in human resources, and that's a good thing since workplaces are always evolving. The trick is staying up to date on the things that impact human resources the most. This is an area where SHRM excels.

The HR Today section on the organization's website is a great way to track the latest happenings in HR, along with sharing research and survey insights. Prominent members in the HR industry also take to the SHRM Blog to tackle timely topics, such as technology's impact on the industry, remote work's impact on company culture, and diversity and inclusion in the workforce, to name a few topics.

In regards to diversity, national conversations about racial equity and social change have naturally expanded into the workplace. As a way to help encourage such conversations, SHRM launched a call to action called Together Forward @ Work. The goal of the initiative is to drive action and solutions that will ultimately bring racial equity to the workplace.

As part of the Together Forward @ Work initiative, SHRM has put together a Blue Ribbon Commission on Racial Equity where top business executives from within, and outside, of HR will help come up with actions and solutions. SHRM will also be sharing research on the current state of American workers' viewpoints on racial inequity.

For those looking to start a conversation about workplace racial inequity, SHRM has put together these conversation starters as a resource for all workplaces. As these important conversations continue, SHRM will continue to play an important role in moving them forward.

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 and its impact on the workplace is an important topic in HR that is expected to extend into 2021 and beyond.

The news around COVID-19 is changing on a daily basis and it can be hard to keep up, particularly for businesses working hard to stay productive while focusing on the well-being of employees.

Fortunately, SHRM has put a lot of emphasis on staying on top of the news surrounding the pandemic and how it impacts the workplace. Many workforces are walking a fine line in balancing a remote work environment and safely returning the workforce to the office.

SHRM tackles these issues and more on its COVID-19 resources page. Among the important resources that you'll find on the page are articles from SHRM members that address important COVID-19-related issues happening right now in the workplace, including establishing an employee temperature check policy, return to work guidance, and how federal COVID-19-related programs impact the workplace. The page also includes vital HR forms in relation to the pandemic.

A lot of focus is also put on best remote work practices for employers and human resources professionals. These resources will continue to be valuable even after the pandemic, as remote work is expected to be a growing trend moving forward.

Articles and other resources related to COVID-19 are updated on an almost daily basis, making this a valuable benefit of having an SHRM membership.

A Community Of Support

SHRM Connect feature includes daily threads where those in the HR industry can share insights.

No matter where you are in your career, it isn't always easy to do things alone. Many who achieve career success and come up with great ideas do so with their networking efforts, and by collaborating with others in their industry.

SHRM offers a number of different ways for professionals to collaborate with each other.

Through SHRM Connect, professionals can find a discussion group that relates to their needs (i.e., employee relations, employment law, COVID-19, labor relations), and bring up topics or post questions to the message boards. Not only do these message boards help with potential problem solving, but they can start important discussions where multiple professionals with various backgrounds can offer their insights. In addition, the professionals that you interact with could eventually become important contacts that you start to interact and collaborate with outside the message boards.

SHRM also holds a number of events throughout the year (check website to monitor potential COVID-19 impacts). The organization's biggest event is the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo, where the largest gathering of HR professionals in the world discusses all the important issues going on in the industry. The next annual conference is scheduled for June 20-23, 2021 in Chicago.

In October, SHRM is hosting a virtual conference, Inclusion 2020, where diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders will talk about meaningful ways to make positive changes in the workplace. SHRM's events calendar is regularly updated.

SHRM members are encouraged to join SHRM local chapters. While memberships in local chapters are separate and apart from membership in SHRM, being a member of a local chapter gives you access to networking opportunities in your local community, and is also a great way to stay attuned with local trends and legislation. SHRM also has networks for young HR professionals and students.

Making Education A Priority

The best way to build credibility and earn respect as a professional is constantly being willing to upscale and learn new things. A SHRM membership provides you with the opportunity to accomplish that mission.

On an almost daily basis, SHRM holds sponsored webcasts where HR leaders from the company sponsoring the lecture will share their expertise on a particular topic. Recent examples include a webcast about company culture from BambooHR, and a webcast about facilitating collaboration in a remote workforce from Paychex. All the webcasts are made available on demand for three months after the original webcast date. SHRM's on-demand library has almost 300 webcasts.

More advanced online courses are available through SHRM's eLearning and educational programs catalogs.

Those looking to apply the important lessons they have learned can seek SHRM Certification. SHRM Certification is for experienced HR professionals and makes you a recognized professional and leader in the HR industry. Courses offered by SHRM earn professionals credit for their recertifications.

Additional Perks Of An SHRM Membership

Stay Compliant - Keeping up with the latest regulation and laws is especially important in human resources. Having an SHRM membership is a great way to make sure that you're remaining compliant. In addition to publishing state updates and the latest HR forms, members can ask an SHRM HR expert questions about compliance and other HR-related matters. Members have access to 15 such inquiries a year.

Interactive Tools - SHRM members get exclusive access to a suite of interactive tools aimed at making their jobs easier. These interactive resources include tools that allow you to compare state labor laws, perform salary benchmarks, generate performance reviews, and compile an employee cost calculator, to name a few resources.

SHRM App - In this modern world, everyone wants to have information at their fingertips, and SHRM members have this benefit with the SHRM App. The app allows members to customize the topics they care about most and receive relevant content and articles on a daily basis, along with breaking news about the issues impacting the workplace.

Career Tools - No matter what industry you're in, career planning and growth are essential to professional success. SHRM is helping its members level up in the HR field with its Accelerate Your Career resources. With these resources, members can take a Competency Self-Assessment to identify key strengths, then use the Development Activity Wizard to get recommended learning and development activities from SHRM, and from there members can create a Competency Development Plan to start taking actionable steps to reaching their career goals.

If recent events have taught us anything, it's that the workplace is quickly changing and will continue to do so. SHRM is on top of all these changes, and now is a great time to take advantage of the above benefits and more!

Check out these additional benefits of being an SHRM member, and find the membership that works best for you.

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