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Don't you hate Monday? Ugh, nothing ever seems to go your way. Take a second to look of these signs that it's Monday. You know it's Monday when... Related: 8 Ways To Deal With The Monday Blues

  1. You wake up five minutes before you have to leave for work.
  2. You put on two different colored socks.
  3. You have a huge, unfixable cowlick with no time to shower.
  4. You can't find your keys anywhere.
  5. You can't wait to get home, and you haven't even left for work yet.
  6. You drink enough coffee to fuel a car.
  7. You Instagram your coffee cup.
  8. You spill coffee all over your white shirt.
  9. You want to kill everyone on your morning commute.
  10. You fall asleep during your Windows Update.
  11. You rewrite your to-do list a hundred times.
  12. You put off real work as long as possible.
  13. Your Inbox seems like an undefeatable monster.
  14. You already started convincing yourself to skip the gym later.
  15. You hate everyone who tries to talk to you.
  16. You “read up” on your industry on People.com
  17. You say “screw it” to your healthy diet and go to McDonalad’s instead.
  18. You zone out every three and a half minutes.
  19. You’re convinced every single clock in the office is broken.
  20. You consider taking the rest of the day off because you feel a migraine coming on.
  21. You get a migraine.
  22. You re-read that report six times before you absorb any information.
  23. You decide that you need a new chair.
  24. You make up excuses to leave your desk.
  25. You mke nerly 15 typos in evey e-mail.
  26. You can't find a working pen.
  27. You forgot to save that important thing you did.
  28. Your computer crashes. Twice.
  29. You decide to put off replying to all of those e-mails until tomorrow.
  30. You forgot to bring snacks.
  31. Your keyboard dies and you don't have any more batteries.
  32. Your sandwich was eaten by someone else.
  33. You realize you forgot to put on deodorant.
  34. Your phone dies.
  35. You realize you had the day off.
Happy Monday, everyone!

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