What Taylor Swift Can Teach You About Success In Your Career

Last month Taylor Swift announced that she was removing a majority of her music catalog from music streaming services such as Spotify. Related: 7 Bad Habits To Drop If You Want To Be Successful Fans were outraged and industry-insiders attacked her viciously, but as days and weeks went on the anger subsided and life went on. Taylor Swift decided to remove her music catalog from music streaming services because she felt that she and her team of writers and producers weren’t being compensated fairly for their “art.” Her plan was to take down her music from streaming services to boost album sales, which yield higher profit margins. The industry insiders who attacked Taylor said that she should just accept that streaming music revenue is what it is. Taylor refused and for that, we all owe her our respect. The lesson to be learned as it pertains to mere mortals who get up and go to an 8-5 everyday is that Taylor Swift put herself in a position to defy the social norm because she built a power brand. She built a brand that allows her the ability to sell her music the way she wants and through the avenues she so desires. So, if she tells her fans that they must purchase her music by buying the album, they will do it. This is relevant to employees because whether they realize it or not, they have personal brands as well. Most employee’s personal brand is mediocre, lackluster and non-existent and that needs to change. If you want to have the kind of power Taylor Swift commands in your career as she does in hers, you need to build a powerful personal brand. A personal brand is important because it separates you from others and it validates your value. A personal brand gives you the opportunity to command the salary you desire and it makes you a valued asset, giving you the ability to throw your weight around when necessary. If you want to take control of your career and your destiny, don’t let another day go by without building your personal brand. Your life and your livelihood depends on it.

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