Have You Tracked Your Online ID Lately?

In a previous post on my blog, I emphasized the importance of "keeping your online ID squeaky clean." This is so vital in preserving your online reputation while you search for a job, prepare for an interview or change careers. Employers, hiring managers and recruiters are scrutinizing job candidates, whether they are actively or passively engaged in a job search. Don't fool yourself into believing otherwise. A compromising online identity can ruin your chances of being considered a potential job candidate. Have you checked your online ID lately? Recently, I read a story on ResumeBear.com that featured "Linkedin avatars gone wrong." All the more reason to choose how you want to be portrayed online. Microsoft released an infographic survey which stated "only 44 percent of adults think about the long term impact of their online activities on their personal reputation." This sobering statistic has direct relevance to an effective job search. So how can you tell what is being said about you online? Let me share some key web sites. Whether you're just starting to embrace social media as part of your "360 degree job market." 1. Tweettalk - As the name suggests, the site allows you to track what's being said about you on Twitter. 2. Socialmention - This is a search engine that spans various social media channels. 3. Klout - I enjoy this site. It is fun, immediate and revealing. You have the option of signing in with Twitter or Facebook. Upon completing a profile (with a professional picture of course!), the site collects information to produce a score analysis of topics, your online influence and and accomplishments. Wouldn't this be a golden opportunity to "shine online" in front of potential employers? (Who needs a traditional resume anyway. However, we can broach that topic another time!) 4. Repcloud - A Facebook application that allows you to see what's is being conveyed about you, based on information from the community and your friends. 5. Who's Talkin' - A blog search tool that connects users with the latest conversations on social media networks. For example, a friend of mine posted about my Twitter seminar at a major career conference last week. Given the abundance of these personal branding resources, there is little excuse to have a questionable online identity. In other words, it is within your control to enhance an online image that compliments your online ID. Online ID follow me image from Shutterstock

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