Want Your Ultimate Job? Avoid The 'Monster Effect'

Want Your Ultimate Job? Avoid The 'Monster Effect'

Have you ever applied for a position on a popular job board and never heard back? Or maybe you've sent in an application to your favorite company, and are anxiously waiting for a response. Weeks go by, and you don't hear anything… so you start desperately applying for any job you think might fit. Many people suffer for weeks or even months - anxiously applying to anything they can and desperately waiting to hear back with good news. Well, I have some good news for you… and some bad news.

First, Here's The Bad News...

Don't worry, I'll make it quick and painless for you… That approach doesn't work. You can stop rushing to send in resumes and scanning job boards for positions. Frankly, that's an outdated model that everyone was taught in school, and because everyone's been doing it for so long (and especially in this competitive job marketplace), it's long past it's glory days. But you already knew that, didn't you? (By the way - there's a resource at the end of this article with a new and far more effective way to get your dream job.) In fact, a friend of mine who's been in charge of hiring for several startups over the past couple of years recently wrote a rather shocking blog post about how she received 700 unqualified candidates for a job opening…

700 people applied for her job posting, and none got the job.

And it's all because of those same job boards, and what she calls 'The Monster Effect,' where tons of people blindly apply to companies through huge job boards with a templated resume and boring cover letter. Such a waste of time, isn't it?

Now For The Good News…

You can save time, stop your anxiety, and get your ultimate job with a rockstar company… And all you have to do is use a new approach. See, everyone else is still caught up in 'The Monster Effect', which opens the door of opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd and get your dream job. I'm going to tell you how to do that in a second, but first let's talk about what kind of company you want to apply for.

How To Get Your Ultimate Job

Because if you're going to put the effort into standing out and getting your dream job, then you might as well be super picky, and shoot for the top. Find a company like the ones listed on the GameChangers 500, a company that's solving a problem in the world that you really care about, one that treats their employees like the valuable people they are (including having the best benefits and a fun work environment), and one that's environmentally conscious. Then, tailor your approach to get your foot in the door.

1. Determine The Problem That Drives You Nuts

What problem drives you NUTS? What are you most passionate about? Who do you look up to, and why? Questions like this will help you narrow down the field to a specific niche.

2. Determine Who's Doing The Best Job Solving That Problem

Who's the leader in that field? Which organization is making the biggest impact? Who seems to be having the most fun, and who treats their employees the best? That's who you'll want to work for.

3. Use a Radically Different Approach

...And create an irresistible offer that'll make them hire you. I've seen someone create a YouTube video and entire website to apply for Google. I've heard of someone writing their strengths on a soccer ball and having it hand delivered to the secretary. One guy even sent a hot air balloon to Richard Branson with his proposal in it! The bottom line is to have some fun with it and a way to make them say “wow!" Because the best companies out there that you want to work for - like those on the GameChangers 500 list - want people who genuinely care about their mission and values and aren't afraid to authentically showcase themselves in a creative way. That's how you get your ultimate job. Now, for the resource I mentioned earlier… I've teamed up with purpose-driven career expert and the creator of the GameChangers 500, Andrew Hewitt, to create a free video with three of his best tips on how to get your ultimate job with a GameChanging company. His teachings helped me get my dream job a couple of years ago, and now I'm helping him spread those teachings to the world.
P.S - The three points I mention above are based off another one of my CAREEREALISM articles, “The 3-Step Sniper Approach To Getting Your First Job," which has more detail on each of them.
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