Why Executives Should Consider A Career At HubSpot

With over 31,000 customers in more than 90 countries, Hubspot is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform. As it continues to grow, HubSpot needs more high-level roles in order to continue being a leader in the marketing space. If you’re a self-starting individual who believes in a leadership style that gives your teammates freedom, creativity, and the ability to make their own decisions, HubSpot is a great place to grow and build upon your own leadership abilities. “At HubSpot, we look for people who lead by influence versus authority, and have found that this style elicits the most positive response in employees long-term,” said Holly Peterson, a recruiter for HubSpot, primarily recruits for mid-executive level roles in sales, marketing, and services. In the past, Peterson has recruited for leadership roles, such as senior directors, directors, and managers. According to her, having “scale-up” experience is key for senior-level roles. So, the company is actively looking for people who have worked at a startup or scale-up during a high growth period. If this sounds like you, check out why you should consider a career at HubSpot…. Strong Company Culture HubSpot has always cared deeply about creating a modern company culture where employees can do their best work. A few years ago, Hubspot published the Culture Code slidedeck to share the company’s core values, beliefs, and information about the workplace. Today, that slidedeck has been viewed over three million times. Everyday, HubSpot works to improve its culture through employee feedback, new initiatives, and thoughtful programs. As a result, HubSpot has won many awards for its strong company culture, including Glassdoor’s “Best Places To Work” in 2018, Boston Business Journal’s “Best Places To Work,” Fortune's “Best Workplaces for Women,” and more. On HubSpot’s Glassdoor page, one employee said that Hubspot is “hands down” the “best place I’ve ever worked.” Flexibility According to Peterson, the ability to have a flexible schedule is one of the most appreciated benefits for many senior-level employees, especially moms and dads. “Flexibility is second-to-none at HubSpot,” said Peterson. “You can make your own schedule, take advantage of our unlimited vacation time, and incorporate your work into your life, versus the other way around; which most people are used to... {scheduling your life around work.}” If your busy lifestyle requires flexibility when it comes to your work schedule, it’s important to find a company that can accommodate your needs. HubSpot employees rave about this benefit. “I work from home once a week and feel fully supported and connected with the team,” one employee wrote on Glassdoor. Community HubSpot strives for diversity, inclusion, and community. As a result, there are tons of employee-driven groups that allow co-workers across the company to connect around a common interest, including:

  • ParentSpot, a group for parents to get together, share stories, knowledge, laughter, and more.
  • Women@HubSpot, a group created to facilitate women's career growth HubSpot.
  • POCaH, a group to facilitate the career growth of HubSpotters of color.
  • LGBTQ+ Alliance, a group that empowers lesbian, gay, trans, and queer employees to have a strong community and support at work.
“There have been some amazing employee groups formed here,” said Peterson. “The best part is that they were employee started from the ground up, and continue to be run by our most passionate employees in each area…. Whatever your passion is, we have an employee group here to share in that.” According to Peterson, these groups meet regularly, and bring exciting, programmatic opportunities to the company culture. Employee initiatives likes these help to make HubSpot connected, despite its fast growth. “An absolutely fantastic work environment,” said one employee on Glassdoor. “Very inclusive, great work-life balance and wonderful co-workers. There is plenty of room for growth, and I love the opportunities for cross-collaboration across departments. I'd recommend Hubspot to anyone.” Collaboration A flat organization, HubSpot is a frontrunner when it comes to disrupting the “traditional” office culture and structure. The people who work there strive to create an atmosphere that’s productive, innovative, collaborative, and most importantly, fun. As a result, it has caught the eye of extremely talented professionals all over the country. One former employee said that HubSpot provides “the chance to work with like-minded individuals,” as well as “some of the most intelligent and driven colleagues one could hope to work alongside.” Interested in a career at HubSpot? Check out the company’s Glassdoor page to learn more.Photo credit: HubSpot Glassdoor page  
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