5 Signs It’s Time For Career Change

Have you ever noticed various signs that arise in your drive to work? Speed limit. Slow Curve. Stop. Yield. Merge. Sometimes I think those signs are for me personally.

  • Yield, you idiot, to your friend who is in need.”
  • Merge into life and don’t forget to speed up.”
  • Stop and give your son a hug.”
  • Slow Curve ball thrown my way.”
I have found in my coaching some signs that it is time for a career change. 1. You would rather be home cleaning up the yard from the dog than continue in the current conversation with your boss or co-worker. As they ramble on about the same issue over and over you are screaming “I’m done.” If you would rather be doing anything, but your current job responsibilities, including cleaning up after the dog then it is time to make a change. 2. You daydream about "what if I could do... now that would be amazing." Constant dreaming of what could be, rather than what is, is a sure sign you do not enjoy what you are doing. 3. The boss is putting you on "special projects" this month. Seriously, there was a running joke at one of my previous employers that whoever was on “special projects” was one foot out the door. Usually within six months that person was laid-off. If you are on “special projects” right now, get moving. 4. You are on the management team of a company about to be sold and the stock is in the tank. The writing is on the wall. 5. When you are watching the TV show “The Office” and you think that would be a better place to work than where you currently are. I hope you saw some of my humor in those tips. Truthfully, career change does not have to be white-knuckled fear. But you have to be intentional about it. Plan it. Be prepared. Get moving before someone makes the move for you.

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