4 Ways To Stay Safe As You Re-Enter The Workplace

A group of employees works to develop a strategy for the workplace.

As states across the country begin to re-open public spaces, many employees will be heading back into the office. For some, this may be great news, but for others, days working from the comfort of home will be missed.

Regardless, we all need to protect ourselves and our co-workers as we re-enter common workspaces. Follow along with our four best practices to stay safe and healthy as you re-enter the workplace.

Wear A Mask

An office wears masks during COVID-19 after going back to work


Yes, we know, it's not necessarily comfortable or chic to wear a mask. However, wearing masks is one of the best ways currently known to protect ourselves from COVID-19 transmission. There are many ways to make mask-wearing more ideal including purchasing masks in cute prints or styles and reusing them to avoid excessive waste.

As tempting as it is, avoid taking your mask off while you're alone at your desk. You can still be infected by people walking by or even those at desks next to you. Keep it on all day and enjoy the sweet relief of taking your mask off in the car!

Social Distance In The Office

Close-knit meetings like this will be a thing of the past for a little while.


Offices are likely going to look very different!

Most employers should have taken the liberty to spread desks six-feet apart and to "social distance proof" the office as well as possible. If your employer did not do this, kindly suggest it to them or work among your co-workers to spread out in the office. Returning to work in close quarters is not ideal for your health and safety.

Sadly, this means you may not be able to sit a foot apart from your office bestie, but six feet will have to do for the time being.

Make Hand Sanitizer Your New Best Friend

A young professional uses hand sanitizer.


Travel-size hand sanitizers should have a new home in your work bag. Make sure you use your new friend after touching any surfaces, using communal equipment, or using the restroom. Let this be your reminder to hunt around your house for extra hand sanitizers.

Having a few on hand at all times will be a lifesaver in the coming months. Your co-workers may even be thrilled that you have extra to spare! Just make sure you squeeze it into their hands to avoid spreading germs.

Continue Social Distancing Outside of Work

Two friends read in the park while social distancing.


Returning to your office will make you feel as though things in your life are returning to normal. This sense of normalcy may tempt you to socialize and hit the town in a non-social-distancing manner. We recommend avoiding the temptation to jump back into large groups of people, especially in public settings.

Maintaining social distancing outside of the workplace will be crucial in protecting the health of you and your co-workers. Imagine if one of your co-workers irresponsibly socializes, contracts COVID-19, and then spreads it to the rest of the office. You wouldn't be too thrilled, huh? Do it for each other!

As you return to working as normal, things will feel different. Remember to protect yourself and those around you. Let's all do our part to ensure health and safety in the workplace from here on out!

It's also important for employers to remember that this is a stressful time for employees, and that they should be especially attuned to their employees' needs.

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