Want To Work An Entry-Level Remote Job? Top 5 Careers Hiring Recent College Grads In 2021

Recent college grad works an entry-level remote job

Despite what you may think, it is possible for recent college grads to land a remote job right out of school.

With remote work on the rise in almost every industry, and for every experience level, now is the perfect time for recent college grads to look for and apply to remote jobs to start their career.

Some careers provide more entry-level remote work opportunities than others. If you're a recent college grad who would love to work from home for their first "real" job, consider the five careers below!

1. Customer Service

Recent college grad works an entry-level remote job


No matter which industry or company you apply to, chances are they have a customer service department. While it may not be the most glamourous job, a position as a customer service representative allows you to get your foot in the door and potentially work your way up in a company if you upskill and network with employees in different departments. It's a great entry-level job, and can be done almost anywhere.

As a customer service representative, you'll be a direct point of contact for your company's customers. Your ultimate job is to help them with their questions or concerns and inquiries about products and services, and you'll most likely handle and resolve complaints as well. You'll communicate with customers via phone, email, chat, or all of the above.

Check out entry-level remote jobs in customer service.

2. Call Center

Recent college grad works remotely for an entry-level job


This career is very similar to a career as a customer service representative, but with some key differences. A career as a call center employee is strictly on the phone (like the title suggests) and you'll have to think on your feet more. You not only could handle inbound calls from customers, but also outbound calls to business and organizations for marketing purposes, research surveys, or other B2B communications.

Working in a call center is perfect for people who want to help others by finding solutions to meet customers needs, while also dipping their toes in sales.

Check out entry-level remote jobs at call centers.

3. Administrative

Recent college grad works remotely for an entry-level job


Administrative professionals are always in demand, and it's a good type of job to work right out of school as you ease your way into your career. If you're organized and can manage many tasks at once, you might be a perfect fit for a virtual administrative assistant or related administrative position.

Your overall responsibility as an administrative employee is to support executive personnel in meeting company objectives. You could handle anything from a busy office to incoming and outgoing communications to financial functions. It's important to read every job posting for remote administrative positions to get a better idea of what you'll actually be doing on the job.

Check out entry-level remote jobs in administration support services.

4. Accounting & Finance

Recent college grad works from home


If you studied accounting or finance (or another related subject) in college, you're in luck! There are many entry-level remote jobs in accounting and finance that also might pay more than a job in another career on this list.

Some of your responsibilities as an entry-level accounting or finance employee include processing financial data, handling accounts payables and receivables, organizing records, and assisting in tax preparation. You may also assist customers with bill paying, collections, and their accounting records.

Check out entry-level remote jobs in accounting and finance.

5. Medical & Health

Recent college grad works from home


The healthcare field is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. with an abundance of job opportunities, and that includes entry-level remote job opportunities. Medical and healthcare careers involve medical research and providing medical services or lifestyle management.

While many jobs in the healthcare field cannot be done from home, you can find lots of job openings for complementary health information services like insurance, billing, coding, transcription, and scheduling. Some of your responsibilities could include handling medical records, insurance claims, and billing. You could also provide customer service to patients.

Check out entry-level remote jobs in medical and health.

If none of the careers above interest you, check out the complete list of top careers hiring recent college grads for entry-level remote positions.

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