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In normal times, it's hard to find a job right after graduating from college. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the job search much more difficult for recent college grads. Fortunately, these five entry-level jobs are great options, and pay well, too.

So, if you're a recent college grad looking for your first "real" job, consider applying for these entry-level jobs during your COVID-19 job search.

Data Specialist

Recent college grad works as a data specialist

Love working with numbers? A data specialist position could be the perfect first job for you. If you have a degree in business, information technology, or other related fields, your skills and internship experience will probably match the job requirements as well.

Average starting salary: $36,000/year

Underwriting Assistant

Recent college grad finds a job as an underwriting assistant

Want to get your foot in the door at an insurance or financial services company? Apply for an underwriting assistant job! You'll support the underwriting staff with administrative duties, like risk assessments and account management. The more experience you gain, the more likely it is that you'll be promoted to an underwriter position.

Average starting salary: $44,000/year

Warehouse Manager

Recent college grad works as a warehouse manager

A degree in logistics or other related field puts you on the right track to become a warehouse manager. If you have knowledge of distribution and material and inventory management, you'll be a great candidate for an open position. Bonus points if you have experience in these areas and can quantify that experience on your resume.

Average starting salary: $45,000/year

Health Informatics Specialist

Young woman works as a health informatics specialist after college

To be a health informatics specialist, you need a degree in computer science or other related field. A typical day for a health informatics specialist consists of acquiring, storing, retrieving, and using healthcare information with an end goal of helping a patient by allowing for better collaboration between healthcare providers. If you're passionate about healthcare reform, this could be a rewarding job to land at the beginning of your career.

Average starting salary: $62,000/year

Web Developer

Young man lands a job as a web developer after college

Usually you can land a job as a web developer with just an associate's degree in computer science under your belt. You'll get hired for your specialty as a programmer, developing applications using the client-server model. Every industry needs web developers now, and your skills are definitely in demand. If you haven't applied for a web developer job, what are you waiting for?

Average starting salary: $57,000/year

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We understand how difficult it is for recent college grads to find a job right now. The chaos surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has made the job search that much more frustrating and uncertain. If you haven't tried applying for the jobs above that match your skills and industry of choice, we hope you give them a try.

Remember to write a disruptive cover letter and quantify your experience on your resume so you stand out to employers!

Good luck. We'll be here if you need us.

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