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The Worst Face-To-Face Networking Mistake

The Worst Face-To-Face Networking Mistake


I was at a pretty large networking event recently where I witnessed the most painful attempt at face-to-face networking I’ve ever seen.

It made me realize something about face-to-face networking advice I fear lots of people misinterpret.

It’s not an exact science. There’s no step-by-step process. Face-to-face networking is dynamic.

Watch the short video where I explained what happened and who I think does the best job of giving advice on face-to-face networking. (Hat tip to Chris Brogan.)

I think the best tip I ever got was to remember networking is a means to an end.

Don’t psych yourself out when you network because you feel it’s going to make or break you getting a job. It’s like your resume, it needs to be in good shape, but it is never the only factor in getting you the job.

Instead, focus on making a connection. Listen to people, engage them in conversation, use the advantages of face-to-face neworking (ie. body language, facial expressions, eye contact, etc.). If you leave making one new friend, you succeeded in face-to-face networking in my book!

The Networking Mistake I Saw

Your Turn

Share with me the worst face-to-face networking mistakes you’ve seen.

What are your tips for job seekers to help ensure their face-to-face networking is working?

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