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3 Steps To Using “Magnetic Positioning” To Get Your Dream Job

3 Steps To Using “Magnetic Positioning” To Get Your Dream Job

If you want a better job, then there’s something important you need to know: How much you get paid, the degree of flexibility and power you have at your next job, and even how your new co-workers see you and welcome you into their culture all starts NOW... … Well before anyone at the company even has a chance to interview you. RELATED: 3 Clues That Will Help You Find Your Dream Job We all know that in every profession, people get paid a range different salaries and benefits based on their “perceived value.” (That’s how valuable the company thinks you are based on multiple factors.) And if you want to be as high on that scale as possible, then the first impression that anyone at your future employer’s company is critical. In Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell shows how we all “thin-slice” whenever we meet a new person and make snap judgements in the first two seconds that impact our perception of them moving forward. Knowing this, it’s possible for you to ensure that they see you as highly valuable right from the start - giving yourself the highest odds of getting the best job possible. It all starts with…

3 Steps To Magnetic Positioning To Get Your Dream Job

Step 1: Understand The Magic Formula

I recently wrote another article explaining the “Total Perceived Value” formula in detail - which I suggest reading as a complement to this piece. I learned this formula from a brilliant marketer named Frank Kern, and modified it so it fits you in getting a better job. So Step one is understanding that the easiest way to create “Magnetic Positioning” and increase your perceived value is by boosting what’s called your “Intrinsic Value.” This is the unseen value created by proper positioning. It’s what makes people pay 3x the amount for a Rolls Royce Ghost as compared to a high end BMW… even though they’re very similar cars and owned by the same company. And it’s different than Practical Value - which is basically that the car gets you from A to B… Intrinsic Value is that it’s positioned as the best of the best. If you drive a Rolls, then you’re a success, and you gain additional status. And this same rule applies to you when you get your next job.

Step 2: Define YOUR Magnetic Positioning

The next step is for you to define how you want to magnetically position yourself and then plug that into this formula: Your name is known as the most sought after magic power in the marketplace. He is famous for application of magic power applied to what you stand for without what you stand against. So here’s an example using me: Ryan Niessen is known as the most sought after purpose-driven career expert in the job-seeking space. He is famous for inspiring people and helping them to find and get jobs they LOVE that make a positive difference in the world... so that they don’t lay on their deathbed wondering why they traded their soul for a paycheck. Now it’s your turn. Take a few minutes to work out a Magnetic Positioning statement that gets you excited and fired up. When I read mine, I KNOW why I’m doing what I’m doing… and why it matters.

Step 3: Make Everything An Employer Might See Reflect Your Magnetic Positioning

Lastly, you want to make sure that anything anyone who might hire you positions you this way BEFORE they ever come into contact with you. That means LinkedIn. Facebook. Your personal website. YouTube. If a friend is referring you, make sure they have do so in a way that honors this statement. And then, of course, use it in your resume when you do apply to new jobs. Used properly, this has the power to significantly boost your Perceived Value, and help you get your dream job. That’s all I can fit into this article, however, there’s more high-value info on finding the best companies to work for, getting their attention, and landing the job in this free video here. Cheers to becoming “Magnetic.” This post was originally published at an earlier date.Disclosure: This post is sponsored by a CAREEREALISM-approved expert. You can learn more about expert posts here.Photo Credit: Shutterstock